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Baking for Good: A Year In Cookies

Baking is therapy for lots of people but for our Angel Baking team, it’s also charity. Each month, our army of Angel Bakers whips up something sweet to send to a service member or unit who may need an extra pick-me-up. Baking for good is how they choose to give back and our service members can’t get enough of it! These sweet treats from home go a long way towards boosting moral and many of our Angel Bakers are well known for their skills in the kitchen. While any kind of treats are always welcome, some of our bakers get very creative with their monthly boxes, theming them for holidays and seasons. This year we decided to round some of them up to show you just how creative these volunteers can be!

Here’s a peak at what a year of baking for good looks like amongst our Angel Bakers team. The video represents just some of the amazing bakers who dedicate time and talent to supporting our troops.

Meet our Angel Bakers

Here are some of the Angel Bakers behind the cookies who have been highlighted recently.

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