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You have given to your country; let Soldiers’ Angels give back to you.

We understand the unique array of challenges faced by deployed service members, wounded heroes, veterans of all generations, and military families.

We believe the best way we as a country can show our gratitude for your service and sacrifice is to give back to you in tangible ways throughout the full-course of your military career.  

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We have six teams that exclusively focus on providing support to deployed service members (combat, humanitarian or limited-resource areas*) through care packages, letters, baked goods, and Chaplain assistance. Sign up to receive support and care while you’re deployed.


Could you use some help transitioning to civilian life? Sourcing career opportunities, connecting veterans to VA hospitals, hosting food drives, and providing low-cost housing and healthcare assistance are just some of the ways we support our veterans.


Our six Family support teams focus on providing aid to deployed service members, expectant spouses, loved ones left behind, veterans, and female caregivers. Register to receive assistance through encouragement, family sponsorship, or for direct support for those taking care of veterans.


Our largest wounded support program is managed through our Soldiers’ Angels office in Landstuhl, Germany. Volunteers provide blankets, pillowcases, snacks, hygiene items, clothing and other items requested by the wounded patients. We also provide laptop computers and iPads through our Valor-IT program to wounded, ill and injured warriors who need specialized software to accommodate disability needs.

Soldiers’ Angels provides monthly food assistance to low-income, at-risk, and homeless veterans in six cities across the country. Register with our food relief programs to receive food support for yourself and your family.

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