Military & Veteran Food Distributions

Are you a Service Member or Veteran in need of food assistance? Soldiers’ Angels Military & Veteran Food Distributions may be able to help.

Soldiers’ Angels Military & Veteran Food Distributions provide food assistance for low-income active duty Service Members, Guardsmen, Reservists, and Veterans of all generations in seven cities across the country: Atlanta, Charleston, Dallas, Denver, Orlando, and San Antonio.

Service Members or Veterans in need can register to attend and receive food support for themselves and their families. Each event serves 200 Service Members/Veterans with approximately 75 pounds of quality produce, meat, and non-perishables. This amount of food could produce up to two weeks of meals for a family of four.

Looking to volunteer, support, or sponsor a Military & Veteran Food Distribution event? Click here.

Click on a city near you to learn more and register to receive support. Is the event you are trying to register for already full? Click here for additional food resources by city.

What to expect if you attend a Soldiers’ Angels Military and Veteran Food Distribution.

The Soldiers’ Angels Military & Veteran Food Distribution events are designed to be an easy no-hassle way for Service Members and Veterans in need to receive food support. After registering for an event, the Service Member or Veteran will arrive during a specified time slot on the day of the event and drive through a line where volunteers will load groceries into their car. Those without cars are encouraged to bring backpacks, push carts, or wagons and volunteers will load you up with as many groceries as you can carry.

This is not a handout and there is no need to feel conscious about attending a food distribution event. This is a hand up and our volunteers are eager to lift you up, help you through, and thank you for your service. In fact, many of our volunteers are active duty Service Members, Guardsmen, Reservists, or Veterans themselves. They know the struggles you may be facing and are there to support their fellow brothers and sisters in arms.

Please note that in some of the larger cities we support (specifically Atlanta and San Antonio) registration for the monthly food distribution fills extremely fast. The notifications go out to thousands of Service Members and Veterans in need and the event can fill to capacity in as little as 8 minutes after the registration goes out.

Interested in Volunteering or Sponsoring a Soldiers’ Angels Military & Veteran Food Distribution?

Soldiers’ Angels relies on the generous support of our volunteers and sponsors in order to carry out these monthly events across the country. If you or someone you know is interested in supporting a specific city, please click the button below to visit our volunteer page or view our sponsorship documentation.