Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

When you register as a virtual volunteer with Soldiers’ Angels, you gain access to a wide variety of ways you can support Service Members, Guardsmen, Reservists, Military Families, and Veterans of all generations.

Soldiers’ Angels is proud to say that, because of our wide range of virtual volunteer opportunities, we have volunteers in all 50 states, Guam, Puerto Rico, and 24 countries abroad.

When you participate in any one of the virtual volunteer opportunities below, you are joining a worldwide online community of volunteers who are passionate about supporting America’s military service members, wounded heroes, military families, and veterans of all eras.

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With a wide range of virtual volunteer opportunities, there is something for everyone!

Angel Opportunities:

Please note, if you are interested in joining any of the “Angel” opportunities, you will be required to donate a small fee of just $1 per month. Learn why here. If you want to volunteer virtually without joining a team, scroll down to Other Virtual Volunteer Opportunities in the gold block.

Support Deployed:

Bake Treats for Deployed

Volunteer to bake for deployed Service Members! Send care packages filled with homemade treats to Service Members around the world.

Support Deployed:

Send Chaplains Supplies

Work with deployed Chaplains to get them the supplies and resources they need to support the Service Members at their deployment location.

Support Deployed:

Adopt a Service Member

“Adopt” a deployed Service Member and support them through their entire deployment with care packages, cards, letters, and more.

Support Deployed:

Write Letters

Write letters to deployed Service Members waiting to be “adopted” to let them know they are supported. 

Support Deployed:

Support Special Ops Forces

An elite team of veteran Angels who provide support to deployed Special Forces and Special Operations Service Members.

Support Families:

Adopt a Family for the Holidays

Adopt a Military, Guard, Reserve, or Veteran family for the holiday season and help provide gifts for the children and a grocery gift card for their holiday meal.

Family Support:

Virtual Baby Showers

Welcome new babies by showering expectant Military and Veteran families with the baby items they need. Crafty volunteers can make baby items too!

Military Support:

Write/Make Cards

Write cards for all occasions and help Service Members, Veterans, and their families celebrate all types of milestones!

Military Support:

Create Handmade Items

Enlist your crafting talents and make handmade items for Service Members, Veterans, and their families.

Family Support:

Be a Friend to a Caregiver

Female volunteers can support female Caregivers with care packages, cards, letters, and more.

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Other Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

These virtual volunteer opportunities are open to everyone and you do not need to be or become an Angel volunteer to participate. There is also no time commitment on the below opportunities— you can participate as little or as often as you like. Looking to become an Angel and participate in exclusive volunteer opportunities just for Angels? Scroll back up to the blue block and check out our many support teams.

Year-Round Opportunity:

Write Cards of Support

Skill Level: Easy

Year-Round Opportunity:

Make No-Sew Blankets

Skill Level: Easy

Year-Round Opportunity:

Make Paracord Bracelets

Skill Level: Moderate

Year-Round Opportunity:

Create Candy Bags

Skill Level: Easy

Seasonal Opportunity:

Make Holiday Ornaments

Skill Level: Easy

Seasonal Opportunity:

Special Collection Campaigns

Skill Level: Varies

Volunteer to Feed Veterans

Looking for a rewarding in-person volunteer opportunity? Soldiers’ Angels hosts monthly food distributions for veterans in six cities across the country. These events rely on volunteers to get the food to veterans in need.

Volunteer for Special Campaigns

Do you need a more flexible way to volunteer without committing to a team opportunity? Be sure to check out our special campaigns and help us collect socks, blankets, care package supplies, stuffed holiday stockings, and more.

Looking to learn more about our volunteer options? Or are you a service member or veteran looking to register for one of our services?