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Sharing Stories from our Food Distributions

Feeding America reports that one in nine working-age Veterans live in food insecure households, and 1.2 million Veterans use SNAP. Soldiers’ Angels has been on the frontlines fighting Veteran Hunger for over 9 years. Each month, in seven locations across the country, we get the pleasure of serving alongside some incredible volunteers while serving Veterans and Active Duty Military. These monthly Military & Veteran Food Distributions are where public service and service to our country come together with military precision. At each site, we serve an average of 200 Veterans and Active Duty Military with approximately 75 pounds of quality produce, meat, and non-perishables. This amount of food could produce up to two weeks of meals for a family of four.

This year, we were so fortunate to have local media out to multiple distribution events, who not only shared about our work but also interviewed Veterans and Volunteers in attendance. It has been wonderful to hear from the Veterans we serve, which is why we’re rounding up the best interviews to share on our blog.

Stories from Orlando

During Veterans Day week, Click Orlando came out to our Orlando Military & Veteran Food Distribution and interviewed Volunteer Jeremy Lam, an Air Force Veteran. Lam served eight years as a lab tech and linguist until he suffered an injury and was discharged. He suffers from PTSD, insomnia, and has cataracts but he shows up to volunteer each and every month and is usually the first person to arrive! Not only is he a volunteer, but he and his family also rely on groceries to complement their fixed income. Watch his interview here

“We’re at a food deficiency right now. My parents don’t get much money. So I use the food pantry as a source to help them out.” – Jeremy Lam

Earlier this year, when we returned to our Lake Baldwin VA location in Orlando, the Click Orlando team came out to interview several Veterans in line to receive food, as well as the volunteer who helped coordinate our return, David Madeux. Watch the interviews here.

“You know, it helped me budget when it comes to food because some time to come, a little short. They help me get through.” – Marine Corps veteran Dexter Jenkins

Back in February, we heard from Army veteran Michael Nadile and his wife, Maria, who have been coming to our food distribution events for over a year. Maria shares how she makes the most out of the groceries, making meals and freezing them for future use. Watch their interview and hear from other Orlando Veterans here.

Stories from Dallas

Did you know that Dallas is one of the top 10 cities where veterans are in need of help? Fox 4 came out to our newly launched Dallas Food Distribution to learn about the impact this event has on Military families. They interviewed a Marine Veteran on disability, who is the sole provider of his family of four, as well as a Veteran who knows firsthand the high suicide rate among Veterans who suffer from PTSD. Watch the interview

“Something like this will go a long way towards helping to make sure we can put more money towards the rent and the light bill.” – Army veteran Tracy Delaney

Watch the interview

We were also honored to be featured on the North Texas Food Bank blog, where Navy Veteran Tinita Farley was interviewed. She attends the distributions with her 5-year-old son and shared her struggle with PTSD following a deployment to Iraq. The monthly food distributions help her and other Veterans tremendously.

“It takes away from what I have to worry about, especially during the holiday season.” – Veteran Michael Hancock

Stories from San Antonio

In San Antonio, News4 SA came out to share about the issue of food insecurity among Veterans and Active Duty Military. They interviewed Army Veteran Darlene Robinson, who shares the food she receives with friends and family who need it. Watch the segment here.

Stories from Charleston

Soldiers’ Angels VA Hospital Representative Mike Geiger was interviewed by Live 5 News after we announced our expansion to serve Active Duty Military as well as Veterans.  Watch the segment here

“This is just one avenue for them to get some extra food to help them get through those times. We’ve been doing it for a number of years here in Charleston. It’s a way for us to help and they’ve, you know, they’ve given so much for us. It’s just a little bit we can give back to them.” – Mike Geiger

He was also interviewed by WCDB News 2 (see below).

As you can see, our monthly Military & Veteran Food Distributions are filling a huge need among the Military-connected community by offering fresh food for those who are food insecure. We are so grateful to everyone who shared their stories over the course of the year, helping to highlight the need to ensure no Veteran or Service Member goes hungry.