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Meet an Angel: Angel Arianna Loaiza

Arianna has been a member of our Ladies of Liberty team since March of this year but she has a history with Soldiers’ Angels. Arianna has a very interesting story as she is an active military person who received Soldiers’ Angels services when deployed and now has joined Soldiers’ Angels to “pay it forward”.

The Ladies of Liberty is a team of all-female volunteers who are dedicated to supporting the specific needs of deployed female service members (or as we call them “Sheros”). They send one care package a month that includes the basics but also includes pampering items and supplies for a woman’s unique health and hygiene needs.

Here’s Arianna’s story. 

Why did you join Soldiers’ Angels? I joined Soldiers’ Angels because when I deployed from 2014-2015 I registered myself for Soldiers’ Angels and was overwhelmed with all the love and support from the Angels. I received so many letters and care packages and it was so heartwarming that strangers from around the country were taking time out of their day to put something together for me. Members of my own family hadn’t even thought to send me a package, yet members of Soldiers’ Angels never failed. I knew that I wanted to pay it forward when I got stateside. I sent care packages to my fellow Sailors on a monthly basis and when they returned I signed up to send care packages to other ladies on deployment status. I know how it feels to get a care package and I wanted others to feel supported as well.

What is special to you about the Ladies of Liberty?  I love that the Ladies of Liberty mission is to take care of female military personnel.

What is the favorite care package item(s) that you have ever sent? I enjoyed sending a care package for Halloween because I sent candy goodie bags enough to share. I love candy and I know I used to give out candy to boost morale when I was deployed. A little piece of home while away.

What brings you the most joy about volunteering? I know how good it feels to hear “you got a package” when deployed and I am happy that I am able to give someone else that feeling.

Do you work outside your home and if so, what do you do? I am an Active Duty Navy Sailor. What is the most fun or exciting thing you have ever done in your life? One of the most exciting times in my life was going on my First Deployment. I was on a Hospital Ship for seven months, we went to nine different countries in the Caribbean and Central and South America providing medical support for a Humanitarian mission. It was long work hours but I had the opportunity to experience a lot, help many, and meet new people.  

Anything else to share? I want to thank all the members of the Soldiers’ Angels team. I truly appreciate all the support you provide to our deployed members. When I was deployed, it was so heartwarming to feel support and love. I had tried to write back everyone that reached out to me but unfortunately things ramped up at work and time just began to fly by. It always ate at me that I wasn’t able to respond in a timely manner. Please know that from the bottom of my heart I appreciate all that was done for me.

We are so honored to have Arianna on the team and are thankful for her giving heart and for her service to this country. If you’re interested in joining the Ladies of Liberty team, find out more here.