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In Search of the Angel Who Supported Him During Deployment

Twinsburg, Ohio, holds the heart of a local hero with unwavering dedication and commitment to serving the community. Officer Yamil Encarnacion, an esteemed police officer and military Veteran, has a story that surpasses duty and extends to the peak of the gratitude, kindness, and spirit needed for community connection.

Searching for his Angel

Yamil Encarnacion served our nation with honor, deploying to Afghanistan in late 2011. During his deployment, one of our Angel volunteers supported him by sending care packages filled with essentials and more. “I was sponsored by a wonderful lady who sent not just myself but others in my team countless amazing packages. The number one requested item was coffee and double stuffed Oreos that she sent us. We were the only ones that got those,” says Yamil. These packages offered a comforting taste of home for Yamil and his team amid challenging times.

Due to the separation of time and circumstances, Yamil lost contact with his Angel after being medically evacuated from Afghanistan. However, his gratitude remained. In an attempt to reconnect and express his thanks, Yamil is on a journey to find the woman who significantly impacted his life. 

Yamil says, “I just wanted to reach out and thank her for everything and tell her that it meant the world to me during some difficult times. I also wanted to let her know that though the road has been with ups and downs, things are ok and I’m doing good. I really appreciate your time in advance regarding this. I just wanted to share my information in hopes that she can reconnect with me so that I can thank her and send her a few things to show my gratitude for all she did for us. I honestly can’t tell you how much it meant to me to have received packages while deployed. The kindness and support meant the world.” 

Unfortunately, because Yamil deployment was so long ago, our system was not as trackable as it is now. So, we are not able to look up who supported him so long ago.

How he continues to serve

Yamil’s calling to public service didn’t end with the military, as he is now a police officer in Twinsburg, Ohio, where he continues to protect and serve.

Recently, he rescued a 4-year-old girl trapped in an overturned vehicle. Such selflessness made him a headliner, and the American Red Cross of Greater Akron and the Mahoning Valley honored him with their Acts of Courage award for his heroic efforts. Yamil’s courage exudes the same energy and spirit that guided him through his military service.