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Be An Angel to our Military

August 22nd is Be An Angel Day! We didn’t invent this awesome holiday but we are excited to celebrate it! Be An Angel Day encompasses all that we do for our military, veterans, and their families at Soldiers’ Angels. This day is all about making the world a better place through acts of kindness, care and support. To celebrate, we ask that you be an angel to our military heroes and help us fulfill our mission of making sure “No Soldier Goes Unloved”.

Here are some ways that you can Be An Angel for a military hero, family member or veteran.



Volunteer your time to help Soldiers’ Angels on one of our Teams or as part of our VA Support program. We have over 13 teams that provide support in various ways virtually from their own homes. We also provide support to patients in VA Hospitals across the country.

More about volunteering with Soldiers’ Angels here.



You can also volunteer your talent (sewing, baking, card making, crafting and more) to help Soldiers’ Angels! We have so many talented angels show appreciation to our military heroes in unique ways just by using their talents. You can volunteer your talent by joining one of our creative teams:

Angel Bakers Team

Operation Top Knot Team

Sewing and Crafting Team

Cards Plus Team



You can also donate funds or supplies to help Soldiers’ Angels continue its mission of serving our military and ensuring that no soldier goes unloved. There are several ways to give to Soldiers’ Angels.

Donate Now

Find out more about Giving to Soldiers’ Angels. 



You can help Soldiers’ Angels spread the word about our services and the needs of veterans just by telling friends and family!

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Send a Care Package to a Deployed Service Member

Be An Angel Day is all about showing appreciation and care. If you want to put a smile on the face of a deployed troop, send them a care package through our Angel Store! It’s quick and easy to do!

Send a Care Package