Honor Military Working Dogs

Military Working Dogs play an important role in protecting Service Members, Military installations, and our country.

Help us honor these four-legged heroes this National Pet Week by donating much-needed dog items!

Thank you all for your incredible support of Honor Military Working Dogs 2024! The final total collected in just one week was 324 items with a value of $4,315!

With a variety of roles ranging from explosive detection, tracking, search and rescue, and more, Military Working Dogs or MWDs work hard every day for our Military. Will you help us give back to them this National Pet Week?

National Pet Week is May 4-10, 2025 and May also happens to be Military Appreciation Month! While we realize that Military Working Dogs are not technically pets, we figured this week would be the perfect time to ensure that no Military member goes unloved during Military Appreciation Month— even those with four legs and a tail!

Honor Military Working Dogs collection will run from May 4-10, 2025.

How You Can Help

Shop Our Amazon Wish List

We reached out directly to the dog handlers we’re supporting and they gave us a very specific list of the items they need the most as well as the items they cannot accept.

We added those items to an Amazon Registry to make it as easy as possible to support our furry fighters!

Before you ship your items or order online, please fill out this intent to donate so we know your dog items will be coming! 

Shop for Items Near You

Shop for care packages near you and ship them to our headquarters.

  • Shop for needed care package items at your favorite local stores.
  • Be sure NOT to purchase items that our handlers cannot accept or cannot use! Please refer to the list of accepted and not accepted collection items below.
  • Before you ship your items or order online, please fill out this intent to donate so we know your dog items will be coming! Then, ship your purchased items to our headquarters in San Antonio.*

*You are responsible for all shipping costs to get your collected items to San Antonio. If the cost of shipping is a concern for you, we recommend focusing on the smaller, lighter-weight items to keep your shipping costs low. 

Make a Donation

Help us ship these K9-focused care packages overseas by making a donation! It costs about $25 to send one care package— so every donation helps!

  • Donate online here
  • Donate via PayPal
  • Mail a check or money order addressed to Soldiers’ Angels using the shipping address below. Please note on your check that you would like the donation to go to “Honor Military Working Dogs.”
  • Call our headquarters office in San Antonio Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm central, and make a donation over the phone. (210) 629-0020

Collection Items

Straight from our dog handlers, these are the most-needed Items:

  • Large bowls for food/water
  • Strong toys for power chewers
  • Grooming tools
  • Lots and lots of poop bags!

These items CANNOT be accepted and we request you DO NOT send these:

  • Dog treats or dog food of any kind. All MWDs are on specialized diets and cannot utilize treats or food outside of their diet.

Shipping Address

If you’re collecting items or purchasing items locally, you can ship all of your items to our headquarters in San Antonio.* But before you ship your items or order online, please fill out this intent to donate so we know your dog items will be coming! 

Soldiers’ Angels – Honor Military Working Dogs
2895 NE Loop 410, Suite 107
San Antonio, Texas 78218

*You are responsible for all shipping costs. We will not accept COD deliveries. If you have any questions regarding shipping, please email us.

Marketing Materials

Rally your friends and family to support our Honor Military Working Dogs campaign! Save the below graphics to your computer and then share via email or on your social channel of choice.

Square (Instagram or Facebook):

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We’ve outlined some other questions and answers we typically receive about our collection campaigns. But if you have a question not answered below, feel free to reach out via email.

Click on each question to reveal the answer!

A: As many as you want! There is no donation too big or too small! While we do have a limited number of deployed dog handlers we are currently supporting, there will be more in future months that will need support too!

A: Absolutely! We love to meet the people behind the collections! Stop on by our office at the address above and drop off your donation whenever you are ready.

A: The short answer is no, please do not solicit donations (cash or in-kind items) from any major company. Here’s why: Soldiers’ Angels has created collection campaigns throughout the year as an opportunity for individuals, businesses, and organizations to come together and give back to our Service Members and Veterans. These collection campaigns are meant to be held in a way that general members of the public (ie, your friends, family, classmates, co-workers, etc.) can donate to the campaign. If you are hosting a collection, please do not solicit cash or in-kind donations from retailers, manufacturers, large corporations, or any other business entity. Due to the nature of those requests and the paperwork involved, solicitation of donations must come directly from Soldiers’ Angels. In most cases, we already have a relationship established with many of the major businesses. If you happen to have a connection at a retailer, manufacturer, large corporation, or other business entity that you think would be willing to donate cash or in-kind items to Soldiers’ Angels, please reach out to us and we would be happy to contact them. Email: [email protected]

A: Your donation of dog items will be packed into a care package and shipped to deployed dog handlers around the world. Currently, Soldiers’ Angels is supporting a lot of deployed dog handlers. However, if we receive more supplies than are needed by those handlers, the items may also be shared with other active duty dog handlers or Military Working Dog training facilities.

In fact, did you know that the vast majority of Military Working Dogs receive their training right here in San Antonio at Joint Base San Antonio – Lackland? That means we have a plethora of dogs right here in our own community who would greatly appreciate the support if there are extra supplies once we pack up those care packages for deployed MWDs!

A. Absolutely. Please DO NOT send any used toys or unwanted dog items. Even if your animals rarely or never used an item, Military Working Dogs have highly skilled noses and may be extra sensitive to the scent of other animals on items.

A: If you would like to receive a tax receipt for your donation from any store, online or not, including Amazon, you must fill out an intent to donate form after you place your order from that store. If the store you’re ordering from has an option to include your name and address on a gift receipt, please do that as well.

The intent to donate form and the gift receipt will help us match the donation to your name once we receive it. This will also mean that a tax receipt is generated once we match the donation. Unfortunately, if we cannot match an item we receive to an intent to donate form that was submitted, the item will be marked as an “Anonymous Donation” and we would not be able to issue a tax receipt for that item.

A: If you would like to receive a tax receipt for you collected donation, please include a piece of paper in each box that is shipped to Soldiers’ Angels. The paper needs to include the name and information of the person (or company representative) the tax receipt should be addressed to. We will need their name (and company name, if applicable), address, phone number, and email address.