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Cool Troops


We've all seen the pictures of snow-covered American military personnel high in the mountains of Afghanistan, but that's not the only terrain in that country.  Down in the valleys and arid plains it's downright hot there right now!

Fortunately, there's a very easy way to help a hot and tired hero cool off and have a little fun--just send a Soldiers' Angels Cool Pack care package to your favorite hero, or a hero waiting for a care package direct from Soldiers' Angels!

Each care pack includes skincare for sun exposure and heat, a cooling scarf, delicious snacks and a water soaker/pistol for a bit of carefree fun in their downtime.

It's a great way to show a deployed service member in Afghanistan that you haven't forgotten we still have Americans serving in a combat zone, and that you care very much.  Check out this wonderful gift for a hero!

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