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Even After They Come Home

The impactful motto of Soldiers’ Angels has resonated with Americans for over two decades. These words encapsulate the essence of our organization, serving as a poignant call to action that reminds us of the challenges our brave men and women in uniform face during deployment:

May No Soldier Go Unloved | May No Soldier Walk Alone | May No Soldier Be Forgotten,
Until They All Come Home.™

While Soldiers’ Angels holds the trademark to these words, their profound message has naturally spread far and wide. You’ve likely encountered them painted on wooden American flags at gas stations or delicately inscribed on Americana memorabilia in gift shops nationwide. It’s a statement that strikes a chord with Americans, reflecting our innate desire to ensure our Service Members are never forgotten.

However, over the past decade, it has become evident that our motto left out a critical element. Supporting our military members and acknowledging their sacrifices shouldn’t cease when they return from deployment. Many Veterans continue to grapple with challenges as they reintegrate into civilian life, from physical and mental health issues to employment struggles and social isolation. The battlefield may be left behind, but its echoes often linger.

Since the drawdown began in 2008, Soldiers’ Angels has adapted its programs to address the growing and unique needs of the veteran population. Initiatives such as food distributions, transportation assistance, and homeless Veteran housing packs were established to bridge the gap for thousands of Veterans facing challenges post-battlefield.

While it’s daunting to alter something so deeply ingrained in an organization’s identity, Soldiers’ Angels recognized the imperative for change. Our revised motto reflects the undeniable truth: expressing gratitude for our Veterans’ service doesn’t end with their return home.

And so, with great honor and pride, we unveil the newly revised motto of Soldiers’ Angels:

May No Soldier Go Unloved | May No Soldier Walk Alone | May No Soldier Be Forgotten
Even After They Come Home.™

As we continue our mission to support Service Members and Veterans, this updated motto serves as a resolute symbol of our unwavering commitment. Through this revision, Soldiers’ Angels reaffirms its promise to stand by Veterans of all generations “Even After They Come Home,” ensuring they know they are never alone and always valued for their service and sacrifice.

While the new version of our trademarked motto is just beginning to take hold, we aspire for its significance to resonate as deeply as its predecessor did. Perhaps in the years to come, these meaningful words will also find their way onto Americana trinkets, reflecting this vital change in sentiment that will, hopefully, be shared by all Americans.