Home of the Brave Photos

The 10th Anniversary of Home of the Brave is finally here! Take a look at the photos of events happening at VA’s across the country celebrating our veterans for Veterans Day.

Michigan – Battle Creek VA

Battle Creek VA HOB 2022 from FB 1

On November 3, 2022, Home of the Brave volunteers hosted an ice cream social for Veteran in the cafeteria of Battle Creek VA in Michigan.

California – Los Angeles VA

West LA HOB 2022 from forum 4

On November 1st, volunteers in Los Angeles packed 600 cinch bags to hand out to veterans at their upcoming Home of the Brave event.

Illinois – Chicago VA

Chicago VA Packing Event HOB 2022

On October 29, #HomeoftheBrave volunteers from Republic Services held a Packing Party where they were able to pack 250 cinch bags with hygiene kits and snacks for the Jesse Brown VAMC in Chicago!

Minnesota – Minneapolis VA

Minneapolis VA HOB 2022

“Although we were unable to go into the Minneapolis VA to visit with the Veterans and to give them their caps and cards, we did meet to put together our cinch bags.” – Patricia Byro, Bristol Myers Squibb

California – Palo Alto VA

Palo Alto VA Home of the Brave 2022

“We had employees from Bristol Myers Squibb and Xerox both attending the volunteer day. We filled cinch bags with t-shirts caps, hygiene kits, stress balls and water bowls for pets. We were able to talk to outpatient Veterans as they were coming in. It was an amazing experience.” – Azita, Bristol Myers Squibb

Washington – Seattle VA

SA Home of the Brave 2022 Seattle 6

“The 2022 #HomeoftheBrave celebration as part of Veterans Day festivities at the VA Puget Sound Health Care System in Seattle, Wash. was a great collaboration between Bristol Myers Squibb’s Melissa Strickland, Soldiers’ Angels Margaret Hunt, Diane Belanger, and Sharon Chafin, and VA Puget Sound local CDCE Chief Kimberly Wilkie! To create a special day for the Veterans, the team gathered T-shirts, baseball caps, “Home of the Brave” recognition cards, and printed cinch bags, and distributed these gifts throughout the hospital. The entire team was so grateful to get the chance to show our gratitude to the Veterans – it was so uplifting to see their joy!” – Melissa Strickland

Nebraska – Omaha VA

SA Home of the Brave 2022 Omaha 5

“Kelly Pawol, Tammy Logan, and Melanie Moore of Bristol Myers Squibb spent the day going floor to floor delivering goodies and thanking Veterans at the Omaha VA Hospital. Many commented we brightened their day with the t-shirts, popcorn, and cookies. It was a memorable day and to be able to give back a little bit to those who gave so much for us and our country was incredibly meaningful. Already looking forward to next year’s Home of the Brave events.” – Melanie Moore

North Dakota – Fargo VA

SA Home of the Brave 2022 Fargo 1

“We were able to be on site at the Fargo, ND VA to visit with the Veterans and thank them for their service. While visiting with the vets we presented them with a hat, sinch sack and thank you card. They were very appreciative of our visit to honor them. The picture is of the volunteers who participated at the 2022 Home of the Brave Event at the Fargo, ND VA.” – Stacy Holbrook, BMS Employee

Ohio – Chillicothe VA

SA Home of the Brave 2022 Chillicothe 3

“On 10/31/2022 volunteers filled the grey bags with hats, hygiene kits, and Chapstick. On 11/4/2022 the Soldiers’ Angels volunteers got together and started working on paracord bracelets and tied fleece blankets. On 11/10/2022 I was able to pass out all of the items to the inpatients at the Chillicothe VA. I also delivered pizza and ice cream sundaes to the units for dinner!” – Bobbi Hoffman

Utah – Salt Lake City VA

SA Home of the Brave 2022 Salt Lake City 2

Soldiers’ Angels #homeofthebrave volunteers from Bristol Myers Squibb were busy last week in Utah! Not only did they help package and deliver items to hospital rooms at the VA Salt Lake City Health Care System, but they also provided coffee, juice, and donuts for veterans as they visited the hospital during Veterans Day week.

Texas – Temple VA

SA Home of the Brave 2022 Temple 3

Soldiers’ Angels #HomeoftheBrave volunteers at had a great time supporting Veterans last week in Temple, Texas! “We enjoyed our HOTB event! We passed out our cinch bags in an assembly line style along with lunch from Jason’s Deli! The Veterans were very grateful that we were there! Soldiers’ Angels were the first volunteers since covid that were allowed in the patient’s rooms for HOTB! The Veterans were so thankful for the blankets we made for them and for the interaction with Soldiers’ Angels! What a blessing it is to give back to our Veterans!” – Tasha Scantling

Virginia – Richmond VA

SA Home of the Brave 2022 Richmond 6

“Volunteers from BMS and Xerox filled 300 cinch bags with cookies, snacks, t-shirts, and a thank you note and then passed these bags out to veterans during the Veterans Day celebration at the Richmond VA. Much gratitude and happiness were shared by all who participated!” – Elizabeth Minter, BMS employee

West Virginia – Clarksburg VA

SA Home of the Brave 2022 Clarksburg WV 1

“We were not allowed to go into our VA Medical center yet, so we stuffed 30 cinch bags with hygiene kits. Some of my original volunteers could not make it so I improvised. Our Ops supervisor Cassie stepped up to help Brook and I. We also added a few Republic Services items to the bags.” – Patrick Bourgeois, Republic Services

North Carolina – Durham VA

Durham NC VA Home of the Brave 2022

“We honored our veterans with a lunch at the Raleigh Vets Center where we were able to also provide the free giveaways which included cinch bags filled hygiene kits and thank you cards. We enjoyed meeting several veterans and their spouses. We also went to the Brier Creek Veterans Dialysis clinic to thank the veterans with a hat from Soldiers’ Angels. Everyone was very appreciative of the event and our team was happy to give our veterans the gratitude and recognition they deserve.” – Carol Kelly, BMS Employee 

Maryland – Loch Raven VA

2022 SA Home of the Brave Loch Raven 1

“The Peraton Cyber Mission, NACS, ESEA 18-person team volunteered 80+ combined hours working with the Home of the Brave and Soldiers Angels to arrange a Veterans Day event at the Loch Raven VA on November 4, 2022. 

These photos were taken at the Peraton facility during the blanket making party. Many of the people in the photos are veterans themselves. We made 46 blankets in 3 days. Pizza was provided. This turned out to be a great team building event in addition to the actual volunteering of service. 

This is an 80-bed facility. The team worked together over a 3-day period to make 46 no-sew blankets. 34 pre-made blankets were provided by the NAVY Federal team in DC. Combined we were able to provide each resident of the facility with a handmade twin-size, no-sew blanket. Along with the blankets, each resident received a hygiene kit and ball cap. The highlight of the event was the entertainer. We hired Ed Schafer, a retired Army Veteran who shared stories of his tour with the USO. He performed with great entertainers such as Lee Greenwood. His finale was Lee Greenwood’s “I’m Proud to be an American”. The residents loved it! We delivered the gifts to their rooms while they enjoyed the entertainment so when it was all over, the gifts were waiting for them in their rooms. Pictures of the event will be provided in a separate submission.” – Jo-Anne Baxter, Peraton Employee 

Georgia – Dublin VA

Dublin GA VA Home of the Brave 2022

“This year we had two events with one being at the Dublin VA Hospital in Dublin, GA and the other being at the VA Outpatient Clinic in Macon, GA. At both events, we served donuts and coffee to the veterans, as well as provided Home of the Brave shirts and caps. To make the veterans feel even more appreciated, we gave them a red, white and blue ribbon and pin. All of the veterans were extremely appreciative of the recognition.” -Debra Davis, Peraton Employee

New York – Buffalo VA

Buffalo NY VA Home of the Brave 2022

“In Buffalo, NY our volunteers:

Stuffed 50 Goodie Bags for the Homeless Veterans Program-each with a pillowcase, blanket, hat, gloves, scarf, socks, Home of the Brave T-shirt, toiletries, and a bag of Halloween candy. Made 8 red/white/blue no-sew blankets and put together paracord bracelets for the Homeless Program. Raised $3,300 for the “Sweats for Vets” Donation to the VA Hospital and Homeless Program. Attended the Veterans Day Honor Ceremony at the VA Hospital and handed out Thank You cards and tokens of appreciation to the veterans afterwards. Hosted a Buffalo Bills football party on Sunday at the VA hospital with food, and prizes. A great time was had by all-smiles all around.

The volunteers loved showing our appreciation to the Veterans and the Veterans loved the tokens of appreciation and interaction with the volunteers.” -Mary Ellen Tomaszewski, Peraton Employee

North Carolina – Fayetteville VA

Fayetteville NC VA Home of the Brave 2022

During the week of October 28 through November 8, 2022, The Soldiers’ Angels were instrumental in providing hats, T-shirts, writing material and hygiene items to over 73 Veterans within the Fayetteville, NC area. Volunteers from the organization also took part in assembling bags and had the privilege of passing out items donated on behalf of Soldier’s Angels and personally took part in thanking our Veterans during the Veterans Day ceremony. The Soldier’s Angels team of volunteers also donated blankets and bracelets in support of our Recreational Therapy Program (GIMME-10). This program is designed to recognize those Veterans with challenging physical limitations for their efforts to improve their mobility. The contributions made on behalf of Solders’ Angels and the wonderful team of volunteers demonstrated an optimum level of care and concerns for our Veterans within the Fayetteville NC VA Coastal Health Care System. Thank you for honoring those who served!” – Deveatrice Peterson, Fayetteville VA

New York – Batavia VA

Batavia NY VA Home of the Brave 2022

“Home of the Brave volunteers assisted veterans in wheelchairs at the long-term care facility in Batavia, NY to the Veterans Day ceremony. Afterward, we handed out Thank You cards and a cap, gloves, scarf, and candy as tokens of appreciation to each veteran.” -Mary Ellen Tomaszewski, Peraton Employee

Tennessee – Mountain Home VA

Mountain Home TN VA Home of the Brave 2022

“We had a difficult time getting all together at one time. One granddaughter ended up leaving early for the Air Force Boot Camp, and one, ended up having to have Oral surgery. We got together as best we could, working around everyone’s schedules. we completed 100 Para cord bracelets, 20 No Sew blankets and packed 300 Cinch bags. Mountain Home is still in quarantine. We could have no personal contact with any of the patients. We delivered to the CLC, the DOM, ICU, C1, C2, D1, E2 wards. I also gave some blankets and T Shirts to MICA. They’re VA nurses that deliver care, to Veterans, patients in the VA system, but are homebound. All in all, we had a very successful HOB. Thank you, Roger Hull.” – Roger Hull, Soldiers’ Angels Employee

Oregon – Portland VA

Portland OR VA Home of the Brave 2022

“Many volunteers helped with the no-sew blankets, helped fold, and packed cinch bags. Boxes were finally delivered by 2 volunteers to the loading dock at the Portland VA. – Pauline Kim

Washington DC – Washington DC VA

Washington DC VA Home of the Brave 2022

We had the honor and the privilege to visit the Access Housing Inc DC Southeast Veterans Services Center (www.accesshousingincdc.com). During our visit we had an ice cream social and gave each veteran a bag with hygiene kits, gloves, T-shirts, caps, thank you cards and wrist bands. We had so much fun serving them and talking to them about their time in their respective branch of service. Each veteran was so thankful and they thanked us for everything. We even joked around about the different branches of service. The Executive Director Greg Crawford gave us a tour of the facility and also showed us drawings of a plan to build a new facility in the future. We were also invited to come back and join them for their Thanksgiving dinner where they have former NFL players serving the veterans. It truly was a great feeling and event.” – Dana Richardson, Peraton Employee

Georgia – Augusta VA

Augusta GA VA Home of the Brave 2022

“Seven Peraton Employees, all veterans themselves, joined with the Soldier’s Angels Representative to provide 200 hot fried chicken lunches, ballcaps, and handwritten thank you cards to the in-patients at the Charlie Norwood VAMC in Augusta, Georgia. They teamed up with the VAMC Volunteer Services and staff from each of the five wards in which the meals were served. While the volunteers couldn’t go into the patient’s rooms, we were able to go to each ward and interact with patients in common areas and with the staff. Everyone was so grateful for the joy we brought to their day both patients and staff.” – Brian Goodman

Oregon – White City VA

White City OR VA Home of the Brave 2022

“This event couldn’t’ve gone any better. A lot of happiness and laughter. Veterans were very grateful for the items they received. There were fun and games at the museum, there was also a food truck for everyone. We look forward to doing this again next year.” – Steve Baker, Republic Services Inc. Employee

Missouri – Kansas City VA

Kansas City MO VA Home of the Brave 2022

“We were able to greet and hand out gifts of gratitude to veterans and their families in the lobby of the KC VA Medical Center. We met and spoke with numerous Veterans who were appreciated and excited to talk! We had a total of 9volunteers who distributed gifts like hats, hygiene kits, thank you cards, and healthy snacks!” – Damon Tauer, BMS Employee

Texas – Houston VA

Houston TX VA Home of the Brave 2022

We served and helped over 400 veterans while we were at the VA in Houston, Texas. We shared stories and laughed about our times in the service and how grateful we were for them. We had over 25 Volunteers ready and eager to support every Veteran we could with a smile and a small token of our appreciation. We served over 300 donuts and Kolaches while we were there. We ended up helping the Ronald McDonald house and handed out over 300 breakfast sandwiches as well.” – Javi Perez, Republic Services Employee

Virginia – Hampton VA

Hampton VA VA Home of the Brave 2022

“The volunteers held signs up to represent each branch of the service during our event when they played Armed Forces Medley Lyrics.”

“This is a picture of all our volunteers from Peraton and Bristol Meyers. We had a great turn out and the event was held on the historic lawn of the VA hospital.” – Deborah Jefferson, Peraton Employee 

Pennsylvania – Coatesville VA

Coatesville PA VA Home of the Brave 2022

“Coatesville, PA VA Hospital has approximately 170 veterans. I am the only volunteer for the Home of the Brave at this site, who came out that day. There were a few other family volunteers from another group there as well to help out. We thanked the veterans for their service and handed out Home of the Brave T-Shirts. There was a Bingo, and prizes given away.” – Ed Duguid, Peraton Employee

North Carolina – Asheville VA

Asheville NC VA Home of the Brave 2022

“We enjoyed spending time together making paracord bracelets to share at the VA on 11/10/2022. As we enjoyed our pizza, time singing and laughing: the best part was to have one of our own home from Bootcamp helping us make the bracelets to share.” -Jennifer Price

Florida – Orlando VA

Orlando FL VA Home of the Brave 2022

“We were able to hand out over 300 bags to Veterans both in patient and at the clinic and common areas. We did this at the VA in Lake Nona.” Paula Mann, Bristol Myers Squibb 

Tennessee – Nashville VA

Nashville TN VA Home of the Brave 2022

“Photos taken at the volunteer event to put together no-sew blankets and stuff cinch bags on 11/5 as well as delivery ofitems on 11/9 to the Nashville VAMC on which we have been supporting for 5 yearsnow. This year we again supportedthe Nashville, VAMC where we provided 30 hats, 90 shirts, 100 cinch bags w/hygiene packages, 18 no-sew blankets, 1banner, dozens of thank you cards, and uncountable number of smiles!” – David Lambert, Hewlett Packard Enterprises Employee

Florida – West Palm Beach VA

West Palm Beach FL VA Home of the Brave

“Site coordinator Jim Wood and volunteer Thomas Francisco along with VA volunteer coordinator Lauren Sanchez delivered blankets and sandwiches to the Fisher House at the West Palm Beach VA.” – James Wood, Bristol-Myers Squibb Employee 


Tennessee – Murfreesboro VA

Murfreesboro TN VA Home of the Brave 2022

“Photos taken from volunteer event to assemble no-sew blankets and stuff cinch bags at two different locations on11/5 and 11/7 plus delivery of items to the Murfreesboro VAMC on 11/10. This year we again supported the Murfreesboro VAMC where we provided 120 hats, 120 shirts, 100 cinch bags w/hygiene packages, 18 no-sew blankets, 1 banner, dozens of thank you cards, and Uncountable number of smiles!” -David Lambert, Hewlett Packard Enterprises Employee

South Carolina – Columbia VA

Columbia SC VA Home of the Brave 2022

“Great outside event! We served coffee and donuts to all the Veterans and they were so gracious! They came through and got hats and t-shirts and other goodies! It was a great day serving!”Heather Woo, Bristol Myers Squibb Employee


Florida – Bay Pines VA

Bay Pines FL VA Home of the Brave 2022

“With the collaboration of 2 of the Soldiers Angels reps in our area, Denise Brown and Christine Tunaidis we were able to deliver everything to Bay Pines for the Veterans Day event that was held on11/14/22. (The event was moved due to Hurricane Nichole.) Denise and Christine were amazing to spend the day with and we are planning to work together for future endeavors! With wonderful support from the Tampa IQVIA office, we stuffed cinch bags, wrote thank you cards, and worked together making the no sew blankets! Everyone enjoyed spending time together and knowing that everything was going to our Veterans to help provide some comfort and hopefully smiles! As this is the first HOB event for IQVIA we are really looking forward to making this a IQVIA wide yearly event and seeing how all of our employees here in the US can get involved!” – Cara Riley

California – Loma Linda VA

Loma Linda CA VA Home of the Brave 2022

“Kathy, Carmen and I had an amazing time handing out the gifts to the veterans. We were able to thank the veterans for their services and sacrifices. It was truly a heartwarming experience. The veterans were truly appreciative of the gifts. A lot of the veterans said it was their birth day because it was the birthday of the United States Marine Corp (November10) Oorah!” – Morris Tien, Bristol Myers Squibb Employee


Kentucky – Louisville VA

Louisville KY VA Home of the Brave 2022

“Home of the Brave Events – Louisville, Kentucky” – Laurie Kyger, Bristol Myers Squibb Employee