Treats for Troops

Let’s make them feel like kids in a candy store.

What is Treats for Troops?

Soldiers’ Angels Treats for Troops is a Halloween Candy collection program where local businesses and organizations register to collect excess Halloween candy. In most cases, collection sites accept excess Halloween candy from kids in exchange for goodies, once Trick-or-Treating season is over,* but businesses and organizations can also register to collect internally among employees or customers as well! The most popular businesses that participate are dental offices— but it is a great program for any location— gyms, schools, churches, companies, and more!

All collection sites will receive access to our online volunteer portal, where they will be able to log in and see a list of VA hospitals, bases, and guard and reserve units waiting for this collected candy.  Collection sites will select one or more recipient locations from that list and deliver or ship the candy to them directly.   

*The purpose of the Treats for Troops campaign is to collect excess Halloween candy. With that in mind, your collection must finish after Halloween is over. If you are just interested in donating new candy, then you do not need to be a collection site you can search for another collection site to drop off your candy.

How can I participate?

Businesses and organizations can register to become a collection site for candy. Your collection dates should end anytime following Halloween. The program is an excellent way for businesses to engage local communities and support the military.

Families with too much candy after Halloween can donate excess candy to support a good cause. Kids may even earn buyback prizes for their generosity and families will receive a tax-deductible receipt for their donation.

Not Trick-or-Treating this year? Can you help us by making treat bags filled with candy? Learn more here.

Registration to become a candy collection site will close at 11:59 pm CT on October 31, 2023 OR ONCE WE REACH OUR CANDY CAPACITY!!

If you are interested in participating in this program as a collection site for 2023, we highly encourage you to register as soon as possible.

Update November 20, 2023 – Now that we are past the Halloween season, most of our collection sites have already ended their candy collections. However, we still need more candy!! If you still have some candy lingering around your house—become a Soldiers’ Angels volunteer now and donate your candy! Click here to start your volunteer application or scroll down and keep reading!

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: If you have a Scout Group, School, or other club/organization that is interested in collecting candy, you must register your own location as a public or private collection site and then once your candy has been collected, choose a location to ship your candy.

**Collection Sites are intended to collect candy from individuals, not groups or organizations. A large candy donation from another group or organization can easily overwhelm the Collection Site, which is responsible for the cost of shipping the candy to a designated address!

Before you get started, read the Treats for Troops Frequently Asked Questions:

Find a Place to Donate Excess Candy

Search our Candy Map for a Treats for Troops collection site near you where you can drop off your excess Halloween candy!

Most of our collection sites are now closed, but we could still use more candy!

Become a volunteer today and donate candy now!


Promote Your Candy Collection

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