Treats for Troops Collection Site Information

Before you register to become a Soldiers’ Angels Treats for Troops collection site, we have some important information for you to review.

You are responsible for the cost of shipping to get the candy to your designated Soldiers’ Angels representative. 

  • You must ship your candy to the address provided to you by Soldiers’ Angels. It must be shipped, not physically dropped off.
  • If you collect more candy than you can afford to ship, it is your responsibility to stop your collection early. You must let us know if you stop your collection early so we can adjust your end date on the live location map.

You are responsible for providing your own buyback prizes. 

  • Common buyback prizes include toothbrushes and toothpaste, healthy snacks, coloring books and crayons, stickers, or cash. You are welcome to get creative and come up with other great prizes for the participating children.
  • Buyback prizes are not mandatory for collection sites— but it is a fun way to encourage kiddos in your community to participate.

Please Note: Candy collected in the name of Soldiers’ Angels must be donated to Soldiers’ Angels, not to any other group or organization.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to read through all of the Treats for Troops Frequently Asked Questions before continuing to the next step. It will help you have a successful collection!

Still want to continue? Please keep reading:

After you complete the registration form, Soldiers’ Angels will review your information for acceptance into the program. If approved, you will receive an email notification from Soldiers’ Angels. The email notification will also include the address where you will mail your collected candy as well as instructions on how to access the Treats for Troops marketing materials.

By completing this submission form you are agreeing to serve as a candy collection location with Soldiers’ Angels. When filling out the registration form, you can choose if your collection site is Public (the location will be visible on our candy map) or Private (the location will not be visible on our candy map).

NO HOME ADDRESSES WILL BE ACCEPTED TO BE LISTED ON THE MAP!! For everyone’s safety, map locations can only be businesses or organizations that have a location accessible by the public that is not a house, apartment, condo, etc.