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Quarantine Crafts: How to Make Paracord Bracelets for Military Service Members

Need some new ideas to stay busy during quarantine? Deployed service members and veterans love paracord bracelets! Not only is it a great gift to show our appreciation for what they do, but paracord bracelets provide an easy-to-carry line of cord that can be used for a variety of survival needs. Ready to get started? We've got the supply list and instructions you will need to get going on this project and show your support for troops and veterans from the comfort of your own couch!

Right now, we’re all dealing with sudden life changes due to COVID-19. While some of us leave our homes to go to work as an essential employee, others are now working from home full-time, while having transitioned into home school parents overnight. If you’re in the latter group and find yourself struggling to maintain being both productive at work and keeping your kids interested in their activities, now is the time to get creative. Of course, you can always whip out the watercolors for a quick arts and crafts session, however, if you want to introduce your kids to a fun arts and craft activity that will keep them busy and teach them the power of giving, make paracord bracelets to share with our military service members and veterans!

But this activity isn’t just a great way to keep the kids engaged— it’s also a great way for anyone to participate in a cathartic activity that keeps hands busy and gives your mind a break from the news. For those companies and organizations with staff working from home, it can also work as a volunteer-at-home activity that will help employees maintain their volunteer hours.

Paracord bracelets also referred to as ”survivor bracelets,” have been used by military personnel for many years due to how strong, compact and useful they are. Not only are paracord bracelets known to boost morale amongst service members, but if the need arises, they can be used to tie gear together, make a shelter and have even been used to stem the flow of blood from an open wound or gunshot. Here’s a great article that talks about the many ways paracord bracelets can be used in real-life situations. What’s even better, paracord bracelets require very few tools that you likely already have the tools you need at home… scissors, a lighter, ruler or tape measure, and, of course, your hands! For the materials, no need to press pause on social distancing! Click here for an Amazon Idea list that has all of the materials you will need to get started.

Please Note: Paracord bracelets made for military service members have two important rules that must be followed in order for the service member to be allowed to wear the bracelet with their uniform:

  1. They must be in specific colors only: black, olive green, tan, or camo
  2. They must use MIL-SPEC cording

Once you finish your bracelets, all you have to do is send the completed bracelets to the Soldiers’ Angels headquarters in San Antonio and we will include them in the care packages we are sending to deployed service members around the world.

Here’s the address:

Soldiers’ Angels
2895 NE Loop 410, Suite 107
San Antonio, Texas 78218

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How to Make Paracord Bracelets

Materials Needed:

Tools Needed:

  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Ruler or tape measure


Click here for detailed printable PDF instructions or scroll down for our instructions infographic.