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Grunt style Road Trip for Charity

Grunt Style, the veteran-owned and run patriotic apparel company, is raising money for charity in a fun, road trip challenge. Five members of their team have chosen a veteran support organization (one of them being Soldiers’ Angels) and have been traveling across America competing in challenges in order to win up to $20,000 for their chosen charity. Our Grunt Style representative is Lee, an Army Veteran who believes in the mission of Soldiers’ Angels. It was been fun to follow along and cheer Lee on as he competes.

The Grunt Style Road Trip Across America is put on by Grunt Style Foundation, whose mission is “Forward with purpose.” The foundation was started as a way to give back, inspire other companies to do the same, and inspire communities to serve and support veterans. The foundation focuses on four pillars: mental health and wellness, food insecurity, homelessness, and job sustainability.

Their first stop on the Road Trip Across America was to Camp Southern Ground in Fayetteville, Georgia. In this episode, the competitors faced off in a primitive weapons challenge (archery and ax throwing). Our guy Lee didn’t win this one, but we loved watching him compete!

In Episode 2, the Gruntsyle Team headed to an undisclosed location in Texas for a shooting match. The competition included metal target shooting, fruit target shooting, paper targets, and long-range targets. We saw some sharpshooters in this one. Check it out below!

In Episode 3, the team went to the Gruntstyle factory in Illinois to get some hands-on experience on the manufacturing line. The next stop was to Caliendo’s where they were challenged to eat 4.5 lbs of food in 30 minutes. Let’s just say taking 1st place didn’t really leave the winner feeling tip top…

In Episode 4, the team went deep in the heart of Texas where they were tested in cavalry, roped some fake bulls, and rode bareback! They ended with a midday game of poker.

Episode 5 is the stop we’ve been waiting for: a visit to Soldiers’ Angels headquarters in San Antonio, Texas. We had a great time with the team, who helped out during our Mobile Food Distribution. In this episode, Lee, an Army veteran who served 14 years, shares why he chose us.

There are three competitors who are tied right now, which means there is one final episode to determine who gets the top prize. Episode 6 will air live on November 16 at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. It will go live at 12:30 ET. We can’t wait to watch it!