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Go Camo Weight Reveal!

The Soldiers’ Angels Go Camo Care Package campaign had a huge goal for 2023—collect 20,000 lbs. of care package items in honor of our 20th Anniversary!! On Monday, July 3rd, 2023, we checked in via Facebook LIVE to see what the final weight of the collection goal was.

Check out the weight reveal:

As you see in the video, we are only 5,800 lbs. short of our 20,000 lb. goal!! This means we’ve extended the collection campaign to run through Friday, July 7, 2023!!

Can you help us collect the remaining 5,800 lbs. and reach our 20,000 lb. goal for Go Camo??

Click the button below to learn more about Go Camo, the items we’re collecting and how you can help us urgently collect more care package items!!