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Operation Tenshi/Angel



We have reactivated Operation Tenshi/Angel due to a request for help from our Marines on their base at Okinawa, Japan.  The base is now serving as a shelter for military and civilian Americans escaping the radiation on the main island of Japan, so they are going to soon going to be very, very crowded.  They have specifically requested the following items to help the large number families soon arriving for shelter:

Baby Clothing (new only)

The most efficient way to help Soldiers' Angels provide these items is to make a donation using the buttons below.  That will allow us to get the supplies to Okinawa ASAP.  If you would like to send the above items to the Angel warehouse instead, please ship them ASAP to the address below.  Thank you for your support in this important mission!

Soldiers' Angels
4408 N PanAm Exprwy
San Antonio, TX 78218

Update (3/16/2011):  We collected almost one ton of supplies, and over $60,000 to help Japan.  Thank you so much!  Everything has been sent and the Marines are very grateful to have supplies to give to the families and children affected--all because you cared.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Japan. 

For the next 10 days, Soldiers’ Angels is focusing its operations on supporting our troops and their families, along with our close allies/friends in Japan through “Operation Tenshi/Operation Angel.”

Soldiers' Angels is collecting financial donations and the following products for our troops, families and friends in Japan:

• Blankets
• Small/ NEW (not used) toys for the children
• International calling cards 

All types of hygiene, easy-to-ship care products- NEW/UNOPENED ONLY
• Shampoo/conditioner
• Soap
• Deodorant
• Chapstick
• Lotions
• Female Personal Hygiene
• Facial cleansing pads
• Wet Wipes
• Eye drops
• Toothpaste/Toothbrushes

Ship these items to the Soldiers' Angels Warehouse:

Soldiers' Angels
4408 N PanAm Exprwy
San Antonio, TX 78218

Giftcards:  Walmart,  Visa or Mastercard (etc) giftcards so we can use them to fulfill requests.
Ship gift cards to our Soldiers' Angels Warehouse:

Soldiers' Angels

4408 N PanAm Exprwy
San Antonio, TX 78218

We also need financial donations to fulfill requests coming in.


You can also text SOLDIERS to 20222 to donate $5. 
Other donation options are listed here

Click here for companies supporting the Angel effort.

U.S. Military in Japan:

Roughly 35,000 U.S. military personnel stationed in Japan, and another 5,500 American civilians employed there by the Department of Defense. ALONG WITH THEIR FAMILIES. The United States Seventh Fleet is based in Yokosuka. The 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force (III MEF) is based in Okinawa. 130 USAF fighters are stationed in the Misawa Air Base and Kadena Air Base.  The USFJ headquarters is at Yokota Air Base, about 30 km west of central Tokyo.

The U.S. military installations in Japan and their managing branches are...

Air Force:

• Camp Chitose, Chitose, Hokkaido
• Kadena Air Base, Okinawa Prefecture
• Kadena Ammunition Storage Area, Okinawa Prefecture
• Okuma Recreational Facility, Okinawa Prefecture
• Yaedake Communication Site, Okinawa Prefecture
• Misawa Air Base, Aomori Prefecture
• Yokota Air Base, Fussa, Tokyo
• Fuchu Communications Station, Fuchu, Tokyo
• Tama Service Annex, Inagi, Tokyo
• Yugi Communication Site, Hachioji, Tokyo
• Camp Asaka AFN Transmitter Site, Saitama Prefecture
• Tokorozawa Transmitter Site, Saitama Prefecture
• Owada Communication Site, Saitama Prefecture


• Fort Buckner, Okinawa Prefecture
• Army POL Depots, Okinawa Prefecture
• White Beach Area, Okinawa Prefecture
• Naha Port Facility, Okinawa Prefecture (return after relocation to the Urasoe Pier area)
• Torii Station, Okinawa Prefecture
• Tengan Pier, Okinawa Prefecture
• Camp Zama, Zama, Kanagawa
• Yokohama North Dock, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
• Sagami General Depot, Sagamihara, Kanagawa
• Sagamihara Housing Area, Sagamihara, Kanagawa
• Akizuki Ammunition Depot, Hiroshima Prefecture
• Hiro Ammunition Depot, Hiroshima Prefecture
• Kawakami Ammunition Depot, Hiroshima Prefecture
• Hardy Barracks, Minato, Tokyo

Marine Corps:

• Camp Smedley D. Butler, Okinawa Prefecture, Yamaguchi Prefectures. (Although these camps are dispersed throughout Okinawa and the rest of Japan they are all under the heading of Camp Smedley D. Butler):
Camp McTureous, Okinawa Prefecture
Camp Courtney, Okinawa Prefecture
Camp Foster, Okinawa Prefecture
Camp Kinser, Okinawa Prefecture
Camp Hansen, Okinawa Prefecture
Camp Schwab, Okinawa Prefecture
Camp Gonsalves (Jungle Warfare Training Center), Okinawa Prefecture
Kin Blue Beach Training Area, Okinawa Prefecture
Kin Red Beach Training Area, Okinawa Prefecture
NSGA Hanza
Higashionna Ammunition Storage Point II
Henoko Ordnance Ammunition Depot
• Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, Okinawa Prefecture (return after the MCAS Futenma relocates to Camp Schwab)
• Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni
• Camp Fuji, Shizuoka Prefecture
• Numazu Training Area, Shizuoka Prefecture
• Ie Jima Auxiliary Airfield, Okinawa Prefecture
• Tsuken Jima Training Area, Okinawa Prefecture


• Naval Air Facility Atsugi, Ayase, Kanagawa
• United States Fleet Activities Sasebo, Sasebo, Nagasaki
• United States Fleet Activities Yokosuka, Yokosuka, Kanagawa
• Urago Ammunition Depot, Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture
• Tsurumi POL Depot, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
• Naval Housing Annex Negishi, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
• Naval Transmitter Station Totsuka, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
• Naval Support Facility Kamiseya, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
• Tomioka Storage Area, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
• Naval Housing Annex Ikego, Zushi, Kanagawa
• White Beach Area, Okinawa Prefecture
• Camp Shields, Okinawa Prefecture
• Camp Lester, Okinawa Prefecture (return after the Naval Hospital relocates to Camp Foster)
• Awase Communication Station, Okinawa Prefecture
• New Sanno Hotel, Tokyo


• Tori Shima Range, Okinawa Prefecture
• Kume Jima Range, Okinawa Prefecture
• Kisarazu Auxiliary Landing Field, Kisarazu, Chiba Prefecture
• Camp Hansen (small portion in central area of Camp Hansen), Okinawa Prefecture
• Ukibaru Jima Range, Okinawa Prefecture
• Kadena Air Base (small areas outside of the base that are supported by Kadena—these areas are located on the southern portion of Okinawa), Okinawa Prefecture
• Jungle Warfare Training Center (formerly known as Northern Training Area—four thin elongated areas embedded and distributed evenly within JWTC), Okinawa Prefecture

In Okinawa, U.S. military installations occupy about 10.4 percent of the total land usage. Approximately 74.7 percent of all the U.S. military facilities in Japan are located on the island of Okinawa.