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Drum Hike in Indiana


Mission Complete!

UPDATE 1/28/2011 -- It is with sincere concern for the health and continued well being of Troy Yokum, that Soldiers’ Angels must withdraw its current sponsorship and support of Hike for our Heroes.

While on his journey Troy has suffered from kidney stones as well as injuries to his feet which have demonstrated potential medical danger and that without a full medical clearance from a Medical Professional its in his best interests to not continue his mission at this time.

Soldiers’ Angels will continue the previous and ongoing mission of supporting our nation's returning heroes and veterans that Troy Yokum’s efforts contributed to in support of veterans and their families.

We at Soldiers’ Angels applaud his efforts to date, as it is truly a remarkable feat, and pledge that we will assist him as he transitions into the next phase or chapter of his life with his wife.

Troy is headed to Indiana!

As Iraq veteran Troy Yocum hikes his way to Indiana on his 7,000-mile trek across the country, he will be joined by fellow veterans of the legendary Indiana National Guard “War Hawks” of the 151st Infantry.  Sponsored by Soldiers’ Angels, the goal of Troy’s Drum Hike is to draw attention to and raise money to assist struggling veterans and their families.

The 151st Infantry is the unit with whom Troy deployed to Iraq in 2007, and the unit of Vietnam veteran and Drum Hike participant, “Purple Heart Parachutist” Dallas Wittgenfeld.  Company D of the 151st Infantry War Hawks trained and deployed as Special Operations Airborne Rangers in Vietnam during 1968-69, becoming one of the conflict‘s most combat-decorated companies in the Army.  The unit’s history stretches all the way back to the Pioneer Era and the Battle of Tippecanoe.

Honoring their shared legacy, Dallas will be parachuting into locations along with route with a giant American flag as Troy stands by to welcome him.  Together they also plan to spend time at the Camp Atterbury Museum on May 6, 2010 to honor the 151st’s heroes of their fight in Vietnam, and Dallas is looking forward to sharing stories and showing Troy the pictures of his brothers who did not make it back.  They also plan to welcome and spend some time with as many of their fellow 151st veterans as can join them that day.  

An Airborne Ranger with four decades of experience, Dallas served in Company D, 151st and is a native of Decatur, IN.  He has jumped out of planes, helicopters and hot-air balloons, and was the poster-featured parachutist in Normandy, France during D-day commemorations.  He will jump in Indiana in honor of all members of the 151st, past and present.  “As I pack my giant flag parachute in support of Soldiers’ Angels and the 151st, I will think of all the Purple Heart veterans who are not here today,” Dallas says.

As part of the events, a small number of “Drum Hiker Collector Flags” that are for sale along the Drum Hike route will be parachuted down with Dallas, and both he and Troy will be available to autograph them.  The flags are can also be purchased online through the Soldiers' Angels Store.

For more information about the Drum Hike and parachute events in and throughout Indiana, DrumHike.com.