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Sweets for Soldiers


Can you believe another Fall is already here? You know what that means don’t you? That Halloween is just around the corner! Have you picked out your costumes yet? How about for your kids? It seems like they’re already FLYING off the shelves! We LOVE Halloween at Soldiers’ Angels, such an amazing time of year filled with magic and children’s laughter.

Unfortunately, not everyone can join in the fun though. Some aren’t going to be able to party with friends, or take their kiddos trick or treating. Some may even be missing their little one’s very FIRST Halloween. Some are far away from home, sitting in a desert somewhere watching for REAL bad guys. Some are just too busy…busy defending our FREEDOM!

So, this season we’re asking for one small favor from you, help us send a bit of sweetness to all the Soldiers that are missing the fun back here at home. Next time you head to the grocery store, grab a bag of Halloween candy (the yummy stuff please!) and send it our way! It’s a simple way to send a bit of whimsy back to the hearts of our ever so brave American Heroes. They don’t exactly get a lot of the sweet stuff overseas, and many miss the simple pleasures of biting into a chocolate bar!

Please send candy to:
Soldiers’ Angels
145 N Sierra Madre Blvd.
Suite 5
Pasadena, Ca 91107

What to send:
The kind of candy that YOU want to eat.

And we’ll make sure that deliciousness gets into our lovingly packed packages to our Troops in harms way!

PS. Please limit your shipment to 10 lbs per. If you would like to conduct a large donation drive for our Soldiers this Halloween, please contact lvarn@soldiersangels.org.