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A Marine Christmas in San Diego


Community Network Coordinator (CNC) Susan Lawson writes about what she and her fellow San Diego Angels did for Christmas...

We just wanted to share our joy with Soldiers' Angels about a little event we hosted at Marine Corp Air Station Miramar. We have been fortunate to have developed a supportive relationship with the 3rd MAW (stationed at Miramar) and wanted to give a special holiday thank you to the troops.

Lieutenant Colonel Michael Tyson and his gracious wife, Shan, invited us to host a Christmas dinner at the Single Marine Barracks. It appears that activities were planned on base, but nothing for just the single Marines. Many Marines were able to go home for the holidays, or they live with family (not in the barracks). Others that were unable to leave were stuck at the barracks with no celebration.

This is where we stepped up.

Angels Deana J, Linda C, Jennifer C and I prepared homemade lasagna, chicken casserole, salad, green beans, scalloped potatoes, queso dip, cobbler and holiday cookies. As eager and hungry faces stood in line to fill their plates, we served sparkling cider and grape juice, and wished each Marine a Merry Christmas.

To their surprise, we had also collected donations to fill stockings for all 60 Marines who attended, which were handed out by the LtCol's daughter.  The stockings were filled with everything from hot cocoa and cider, to oranges, chocolate Santas and candy canes. Every stocking also included a personal card signed by visitors at our fund raising booth earlier that month.  We all still have a little kid inside, and that little kid popped right out of these Marines when they received their stockings! 

If you ever wonder if what you do makes a difference, let me quote what one stocking recipient said to me: "I will not look at what's inside until December 25th as this is the only gift I will receive."  Please angels, keep up your good work as we do make a difference.

Happy Angeling!

Congrats to Susan and her Angels for another great project in support of the troops.  For more about CNCs, click here.