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YOU Have What the Troops Need


Don't think you have "something special" to use to support the troops?  Thank again!  From big stars to little kids, home knitters to high-powered executives, everyone has something to use in their Angel efforts and everyone is needed.

TV stars like the cast of How I Met Your Mother help spread the word about Red Shirt Friday and radio hosts like Hugh Hewitt speak up over the years about Soldiers' Angels and other ways to support the troops, but the rest of us have powerful roles to play, regardless of age, income or skills.  The troops need to know we care, and it takes each of us to show it.

Age certainly doesn't matter when it comes to troop support.  In Connecticut last year, one grandmother and her two grandchildren collected over 1000 pairs of socks for the troops!  In Texas, Kindergarteners helped collect hygiene supplies and created the most beautiful pictures of love and support.  Even a four-year-old can touch a hero's heart.  And check out what a preteen can do with a little support from her parents!

Over the years, people in tight financial circumstances have come up with creative and sacrificial ways to support the troops.  Families have forgone their own Christmas presents to help military families in need, turned children's birthday parties into care package packing parties, and spent thousands of hours writing letters to the troops.

Too busy for a large/long-term project, but have a special talent?  There are many Soldiers' Angels projects that allow you to choose how much time and effort you can spend.  There are seven different sewing teams that include sewing for deployed, wounded, veterans and even military families.  You can make one baby blanket, scarf or pillowcase, or pull your sewing friends together for a quilt-making party.  There's also a knitting and crafts team, and blanket patterns that don't require sewing at all!

Soldiers' Angels even has projects perfect for busy people who think they don't have a "talent."  Warm hearts and caring hands are all that's needed to participate in the Chaplain Support, VA Support and Letter Writing teams.  Each of those teams allows you to choose how much and how often you can help America's heroes. 

If you are blessed enough to be able to share your wealth with others, you can directly support a hero in need through Operation Veterans Outreach.  These heroes have stumbled upon hard times or are in the gap between the end of service paychecks and the beginning of veterans benefits.  Each participant has been verified and you can choose which person you'd like to receive your help via online donation.

Still feel like you don't have something to offer?  Every $5 donation and every word shared can make a difference.  Small donations add up very quickly, and something as simple as telling others about the troops who are still deployed and the veterans who need a helping hand can have a powerful impact... You never know where your words will land, who will be in a position to do something very big simply because they heard what you stopped to share...

The troops need to know that YOU care, so let's spread those Angel wings and see how far the breezes blow!