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Meet on High Ground in San Diego


The first Angel-supported showing of High Ground will be in San Diego on October 1st at 7:30 p.m.  It will be a wonderful opportunity to meet some inspiring heroes and great Angel leaders, and to raise awareness about the importance of supporting the troops through Soldiers' Angels. 

This is a crowd-sourced event, so if you don't buy enough tickets, the San Diego showing won't happen.  This movie supports veterans and their stories so succinctly, with a rich and lush background.  And really, it's the story America needs to see.  We talk about politics, but no one realizes there are men and women engaged in a war--both in combat and when they get home.

Get your tickets here and join the San Diego Angels.  There are only 61 tickets set aside for this, so get them while you can!  And if you're not in San Diego, share this with people who are!

Pre-screenings of High Ground, a fantastic new movie featuring 11 recent combat veterans climbing a Himalayan peak as they attempt to heal their physical and emotional wounds, are coming soon to theaters:

Eleven veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan join an expedition to climb the 20,000 foot Himalayan giant Mount Lobuche. With blind adventurer Erik Weihenmayer and a team of Everest summiters as their guides, they set out on an emotional and gripping climb to reach the top in an attempt to heal the emotional and physical wounds of the longest war in U.S. history.

Representing nearly every branch of the military, the veterans, and the Gold Star Mom who joins their trek, bring humor and deep emotion to this hero’s journey all captured with breathtaking, vertigo-inducing cinematography by three-time Emmy® winner, director Michael Brown.

You can play an important role in the impact this powerful film has on America!

Soldiers' Angels volunteers will be on-hand for pre-screenings in Portland, San Diego, Austin, San Antonio, Arcadia (CA) and Las Vegas, but more Angels are needed! Can you join us in the theaters to encourage audiences to support America's heroic combat veterans who are the brothers and sisters of the 11 featured in this film, and who need our love and assistance as they reintegrate?

If you can step up at one of the cities listed above, email with Subject Line "High Ground."  If you don't live nearby, please keep an eye out for High Ground in a theater near you, and show your support by attending.

See you on the High Ground!