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Month of the Military Child


Currently there are 1.7 million American children and youth under 18 with a parent serving in the military and about 900,000 with one or both parents deployed multiple times.  Highlighting the important role military children play in the armed forces community, Month of the Military Child is a time to applaud military children for the daily sacrifices they make and challenges they overcome.  It's also a time to support military children face many obstacles unique to their situation, such as having a parent deployed for extended periods of time and frequently being uprooted from school.

Throughout the month of April, military commands and communities across the nation are conducting special events to honor military children. These events will stress the importance of providing children with quality services and support to help them succeed in the mobile military lifestyle. Soldiers' Angels honors the military child with our Soldiers' Angels Month of the Military Child proclamation.

Beginning this week, the Soldiers' Angels is issuing a special t-shirt honoring the military children who are "drafted" when their parents volunteer to serve.  Keep your eyes open for this great t-shirt from the Angel Store (just click the link, then search for "Month of the Military Child.  The t-shirt is expected to be available by Friday the 6th of April).

Soldiers' Angels also has several special ways to celebrate Month of the Military Child year-round: Operation Top Knot supports infants and military mom or deployed dads, Operation Outreach helps families at home, and the Angels Store offers the Deployed Parent Pack to give a boost to children of the deployed.  To get involved with one of these great activities to support and honor military children's  heroism, character, courage, sacrifices and continued resilience, just click a link above!

Soldiers’ Angels Month of the Military Child Proclamation

Whereas, Thousands of brave Americans have demonstrated their courage and commitment to freedom by serving the armed forces of the United States of America in active duty posts around the world; and,

Whereas, More than 40 percent of these soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines have left families with children behind; and,

Whereas, More than one million of America's children have at least one parent currently serving active military duty; and,

Whereas, These children are a source of pride and honor to us all, and it is only fitting that we take time to recognize their contributions, celebrate their spirit, and let our men and women in uniform know that while they're taking care of us, we're taking care of their children; and, Whereas, The recognition of the "Month of the Military Child" will allow us to pay tribute to military children for their commitment, their struggles and their unconditional support of our troops, because when parents serve in the military, their Kids Serve Too; and,

Whereas, A month-long salute to military children will encourage support for "Kids Serve Too" and other organizations and campaigns established to provide direct support to military children and families; and now therefore be it, Resolved, That Soldiers’ Angels does hereby proclaim April, as The Month of the Military Child.

We encourage Americans to observe the month with appropriate ceremonies and activities that honor, support and thank military children.

Patti Patton-Bader

Founder and CEO of Soldiers’ Angels