Support Special Operations Forces

The Soldiers’ Angels Special Operations Forces Team is an elite team of veteran Angels who provide support to deployed Special Forces and Special Operations service members.

This team requires an increased level of security and commitment— which is why it is only open to Team Angel volunteers who reside in the United States of America and have served on at least one other Soldiers’ Angels virtual care package team for at least six consecutive months leading up to requesting the team, undergo a background check, and are in good standing with their support and reporting.

Angel Volunteer Commitment

Joining a virtual volunteer team through Soldiers’ Angels is a fun and rewarding commitment! Here’s what you’ll have to do as a part of the Special Operations Forces Team: 

  • Must be on another care package team for six months leading up to requesting to join the team and be vetted by the Team Leader in order to join
  • Must reside in the United States of America
  • Must undergo background check
  • Accept at least one care package assignment every 30 days
  • Can support multiple SOF service members/teams at a time
  • Report the support you provided via our database

How It Works:

Due to the nature of the military duties of the service members supported by this team, only good-standing veteran Angels who have served on at least one other care package team for six or more consecutive months leading up to requesting to join the team are eligable to join.

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If you’re a current Angel that meets the requirements to join SOFT, request to join through the Program Settings section in Angel Base Camp.

Special Operations and Special Forces service members often work in some of the world’s most remote and dangerous locations. Those stationed at Combat Outposts rarely have access to anything other than what is brought in to them. Care packages and supplies from home are a lifeline for these brave men and women.

We’re Here to Help!

After you join, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Team Leader with questions! You’ll also be invited to join an exclusive Facebook Group and connect with other Team Angels on your team.

Contact the Special Operations Forces Team

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