Start Packing Holiday Stockings for Heroes!

Donating Stuffed Holiday Stockings is Easier than Ever!

Check out our new system for supporting below.

Out with the Old, In with the New!

If you’ve participated in the Holiday Stockings for Heroes campaign in past years, you know that we have a pledging process and a registration to notate how many stockings you are going to commit. Well, this year, we are very excited to finally release our new system thanks to our recent database transition to Salesforce!

The new process will allow you to select the specific VA or Active Duty/Guard/Reserve unit where you would like to send stockings! These locations have requested specific quantities of stockings from Soldiers’ Angels that could range from a few dozen to a few hundred. But don’t worry, if you find a location you want to support, you don’t need to support all of their requested stockings, you can send as many as you can towards their specific requested quantity.

To get started, click here to register as a Soldiers’ Angels volunteer now (or log into your account if you’re already a volunteer) then click the button below for instructions on how to select your stocking location!

Holiday stockings for heroes at VA Hospitals
102 year old veteran receives Holiday Stockings for Heroes
Holiday Stockings for Heroes bring the holiday spirit to all those deployed