Getting Started: Holiday Stockings for Heroes

Holiday stockings for heroes at VA Hospitals

Pledging for the 2022 Holiday Stockings for Heroes campaign is NOW CLOSED as we have reached our goal!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Packages will need to be postmarked on December 9th. Participants are responsible for any and all shipping costs to get the stockings to the address provided by Soldiers’ Angels. Please do not ship your stockings to Soldiers’ Angels Headquarters in San Antonio unless you are directed to do so by the coordinator.

Here are the items to include in your holiday stocking:

Include any combination of the following items, as well as a small card or handwritten note inside the stocking to let the service members and veterans know you’re thinking of them.

  • Slim Jims or Beef Jerky
  • Packages of Holiday nuts
  • Single serving drink mix packets (i.e. Crystal Light)
  • Playing cards
  • Puzzle book (Crosswords, Sudoku, Word Find)
  • Holiday-themed writing pens or pencil
  • Holiday candy (in sealed wrapping or small unopened bags)
  • Candy Canes
  • Peanut Brittle
  • Socks
  • Travel-sized games
  • Card games (Uno, Phase 10)
  • Stress balls (holiday-themed preferred)
  • Gloves (preferably black; winter; one size fits all)
  • Single serving cookie packages
  • Apple cider packets (must be in Ziploc baggies in case the packets break)
  • Hot chocolate (must be in Ziploc baggies in case the packets breaks)
  • Small notepads
  • Holiday-themed lip balm (wrapping and scent)
  • Caps (warm winter)
  • Other holiday-themed items

Please Note: All food items should be store-bought. If you are interested in baking, please check out the Soldiers’ Angels Angel Baker Team.

Please do not include these items:

  • NO GLASS (containers, ornaments, etc)
  • NO SHARP OBJECTS (safety pins, razors pocket knives)
  • NO PRODUCTS CONTAINING ALCOHOL (some mouthwash, hand sanitizer, some colognes)
  • NO Glitter
  • NO BRANDED STOCKINGS with company/organization names, logos, etc.
  • NO political materials

Close your stocking so it doesn’t spill!

Stockings need to be fastened at the top so items won’t spill during shipping.

A couple of years ago, someone donated this stocking using a knit stocking cap as a closure and it was brilliant! This is our preferred method for you to close the stocking since it’s easy to remove and adds a useful extra item for the recipients.

Soldiers’ Angels stocking caps can be purchased in our Angel store, or any store-bought stocking cap will work.

Please DO NOT use staples or safety pins to close your stockings (not allowed in most VA Hospitals).

Seal a Holiday Stocking for Heroes with a stocking cap
Preferred method to close stockings

Packaging and Shipping

Please ensure you carefully pack the stockings with newspaper, packing peanuts, or bubble wrap to ensure minimal damage to stockings during shipping. Please do not ship in extra-large boxes and keep box weight to less than 40 pounds.

Don’t forget: you are responsible for the cost to ship your stockings to your designated shipping location!

Marketing Materials

To help your stocking campaign be a smashing success, we’ve created some graphics that you can use to help promote your collection and/or packing party. Feel free to add these graphics to your internal materials and share across all of your channels.

Click here to view and download the graphics

Soliciting Donations

Soldiers’ Angels has created collection campaigns throughout the year as an opportunity for individuals, businesses, and organizations to come together and give back to our troops and veterans. These collection campaigns are meant to be held in a way that general members of the public (ie, your friends, family, classmates, co-workers, etc.) can donate to the campaign. If you are hosting a collection, please do not solicit cash or in-kind donations from retailers, manufacturers, large corporations, or any other business entity. Due to the nature of those requests and the paperwork involved, solicitation of donations must come directly from Soldiers’ Angels. In most cases, we already have a relationship established with many of the major businesses. If you happen to have a connection at a retailer, manufacturer, large corporation, or other business entity that you think would be willing to donate cash or in-kind items to Soldiers’ Angels, please reach out to us and we would be happy to contact them. Email: [email protected]

That’s it! You’re now fully prepared to don your ugly sweaters, dust off your yuletide spirit, and pack some stockings for military heroes!

But, if you still have questions after reading through all of the above information, please email us before you pledge: [email protected].

PLEDGING STOCKINGS FOR 2022 NOW CLOSED!! We have met our goal of 40,000 stocking pledges!

Tip: Don’t wait too long after September 1st to pledge… Holiday Stockings for Heroes is one of our most popular collection campaigns and the pledges will fill fast!

Holiday stockings for heroes at VA Hospitals
102 year old veteran receives Holiday Stockings for Heroes
Holiday Stockings for Heroes bring the holiday spirit to all those deployed