Team Angel Information

Before joining Soldiers’ Angels as a Virtual Team Angel, it is crucial that you read through the below Team Angel Information.

If you have any additional questions after reading through the below Team Angel Information, please email us here or call 210-629-0020 before completing your volunteer application.

What are Soldiers’ Angels Team Angels?

Team Angels are Soldiers’ Angels volunteers who serve virtually on one or more of our twelve unique virtual teams. The only thing needed to become a Team Angel is an internet connection and access to mail services. Soldiers’ Angels has thousands of Team Angels who live in all 50 states and over 24 different countries!

The one thing that brings Team Angels together is the desire to give back to the brave men and women of the United States military, past and present.

Why do I have to donate $1 in order to Volunteer?

To become a Soldiers’ Angels Team Angel, you are required to contribute a minimum of $1 per month. This donation allows us to validate your information and ensure we have no volunteers using aliases, which cannot be used for the safety and security of our service members and their families.

Unfortunately, this requirement was put into place because of past experiences where individuals used aliases to register to become a volunteer. They made it onto a team that supports deployed service members, but instead of sending needed care package items, they sent anti-war propaganda and other inappropriate materials.

What is expected of a Team Angel?

Becoming a Team Angel does not just mean receiving a name to send letters and/or care packages to, it means becoming a member of a team. If you’re not looking for a monthly commitment, please look into our other volunteer opportunities that are not Team Angels.

Important: When you become a Team Angel, you are acting as a representative of the Soldiers’ Angels organization and therefore must follow the rules and policies put in place for each team. These rules and policies are put into place for the safety and security of our service members, veterans, and their families.

Do I record the time I spend volunteering?

Yes. If you become a Team Angel, monthly reporting of your activity is mandatory for each team. The reports are required to be submitted via the Soldiers’ Angels database within 14 days of supporting, but no later than the last day of the month. This includes reporting your activity and the costs you have incurred on behalf of the organization.

The activity you report should include any time spent writing letters, packing care packages, or making/doing any other activity directly related to the support you provide through your team.

I have a friend/family member that is deployed— can I support them?

When you look through the database to find a service member to support, you will only be able to see the first name and last initial of the service members, so it might be difficult to find the person you know.

In general, we would prefer that you do not join a team with this intention. We have many service members that have requested support and some of them may have been waiting several weeks already.

Can I submit my volunteer time as community service hours?

Yes, you can submit the time you volunteer with Soldiers’ Angels for applicable community service hours, as long as you report your time in the database. We do encourage you to make sure with your school/organization that Soldiers’ Angels hours will count as community service hours before you register to join as a Team Angel. Please email [email protected] for questions regarding community service hours.

IF you have read all of the above information and would still like to continue and become a Soldiers’ Angels Team Angel, click the button now and register!

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