Veterans’ Day: 4 Ways to Support Local Veterans

By; Diana Hill | November 7, 2021

As an army wife, Veterans’ Day is a holiday near and dear to my heart. My husband, his father, and his father before him all served in the US armed forces. Formerly Armistice Day, Veteran Day is celebrated on November 11th with many parades, church services, and speeches around the nation. We often hear about veterans and their stories but what can we actually do to help and support them?

Here are some simple but meaningful things we can do together as a community to help those who sacrificed so much for our freedoms:

1. Visit your local VA hospital or nursing home during this holiday season. I linked the Florida Department of Veterans, where you can search for the closest VA nursing home to visit.

2. Donating to local veteran non-profits. Ocean Adventure Inc. is one of those truly amazing organizations which provides outdoor activities for vets and their families. “Our mission is to provide veterans with the opportunity to experience the healing power of water. Simply put, we take veterans sailing, diving, and paddling.”

3. Adopt a military family for the holidays. What an amazing way to show our support! Help adopt a military family for the holiday over at the Soldiers Angels website. They make it easy and have so many other volunteer opportunities.

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