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May No Veteran Run Alone: Tania’s Story

There’s a bigger story related to the upcoming Marine Corps Marathon beyond being selected as a charity for the monumental race. That story starts and ends with Veteran Tania – who came to us as a Veteran Intern battling PTSD and addiction. We didn’t know then, but her struggle would forever change us here at Soldiers’ Angels. As we’ve shared in previous blogs, Tania relapsed shortly after joining our team, and we all came together to support her. We were there to listen, made sure she got to rehab, and supported her with care packages while she was there.

This brings us to the Marine Corps Marathon – an event we all committed to doing with her as part of her recovery.

“During her recovery, Tania had been training for the Houston Marathon. She called me from rehab and was pretty heartbroken that her body was not in a position to run that marathon just days after her release. I wanted to encourage her, so I told her she should do the Marine Corps Marathon. It’s an unforgettable experience. This seemed to perk her up, and part of me was secretly hoping she would forget that conversation. So here I am, after committing to run a marathon with Tania in October, which will be 11 months into her sobriety! All of us at Soldiers’ Angels are so proud of her and how far she has come,” says Amy Palmer.

Running has been a huge part of Tania’s recovery, and we are so excited to cross that finish line with her (maybe not with her, but on the same day – she’s fast lol). We recently sat down with Tania to tell her story.

If you want to support her and/or share words of encouragement, you can do so on her marathon fundraising page. Donate to show your support, leave some words of encouragement, and follow us on social media on Sunday, October 29 to see our team conquer the Marine Corps Marathon together!