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Father’s Day: Choose Your Own Adventure

Father’s Day is almost here! Have you got any big plans? Whether your dad is able to be with you on Father’s Day or not, we’ve got some great ideas on how to spend the day honoring him. This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know a bit more about one of the most important people in your life.


The Classics

Take him out to dinner at his favorite restaurant in town. Bring along the whole family and enjoy entertaining conversation and plenty of intended puns.  

Go see a movie you know he’d find hilarious. (No matter how silly you might think it is. Dad Humor isn’t Dad Humor for nothing!)

Take him shopping. Is there something your dad needs or wants? (No it doesn’t have to be a tie or a replacement for the raggedy baseball cap he loves and you hate!) Maybe he’d enjoy a new accessory for his favorite hobby. Does he make models? Collect stamps or coins? Play softball or enjoy long runs?


The Zany

Create a memory-inspired trivia game to learn more about dad. Each memory can be based on an important moment in his life. Where did the kids take their first steps? When did he graduate from college? What was his nickname in high school?

Spend the day on a homemade scavenger hunt around town! Dad’s with a penchant for puzzles will love this one. Bonus points for including a disposable camera to take ridiculous pictures around town! (Extra bonus points for not doing anything embarrassing in front of someone Mom knows…)

Got a history buff for a dad? Take a historical marker field trip around your town. Families that learn together stay together.


The Outdoor

Take a hike! Get outside and enjoy nature. Do a quick search online for national parks and nature trails that are close to your home and remember to pack good shoes, water, and plenty of bug spray!

Go fish. Take your dad to the local fishing spot and enjoy just hanging out outside and shooting the breeze. If you live near a large body of water, take a look at some of the local charter trips for an afternoon filled with bigger game.

Play a game. Sometimes all your dad needs is to toss a ball around in the backyard or at a local park. Or, organize a game of kids vs. dads at a local park!


The Deployed

If it’s not possible for you to be with your dad today, then spend it honoring him by doing something you enjoy doing together when he’s home. Play a round of golf, go fishing, or read a book in his hammock. Maybe even make a plan for something you can do together when he comes home.

Today is a day to simply let your dad know that you love and appreciate him. It’s as simple as that. Take a moment to step out of your own skin and think what he’d enjoy doing. Spending some quality time with your dad is the surest way to let him know that you care. So, enjoy your Father’s Day adventure. Whichever you choose!