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Your Impact in the Field: A Chaplain’s Gratitude

Earlier this week, our Deployed Support Program Director received a deeply moving email from a Chaplain currently deployed, whom we’ve had the privilege to support. Scroll down to read this inspiring letter and witness the profound impact your generosity has had not only on this Chaplain but also on all those he tirelessly serves.

Dear Soldiers’ Angels,

I hope this letter finds you well. As I sit here in my makeshift tent, surrounded by the camaraderie of my fellow airmen, I am reminded of the incredible impact your letters and care packages have had on my spirit and that of the entire camp.

In this desolate and unpredictable environment, your words have been a beacon of light. Each letter, carefully folded and tucked into my pocket, has provided solace during the hard times. Your encouragement, your support—it has sustained me through the tough moments.

The care packages, too, have been a lifeline. The familiar snacks, the toiletries, the simple joy of a gift from home—they transport me back to a world beyond these dusty plains. Your thoughtfulness has not gone unnoticed, and I am grateful beyond measure.

As a chaplain, I am tasked with providing comfort and guidance to those who seek it. But in you, I have found a kindred spirit—a beacon of hope who reminds me that even in chaos, there is goodness. Your letters have touched not only my heart but also the hearts of those around me. You have become a part of our unit, a silent partner in our struggles.

Please know that your efforts have made a difference. They have lifted our spirits, reminded us of our purpose, and connected us to the love and kindness that exist beyond these barbed wire fences.

May you continue to write, to send your love across oceans and continents. Your letters are more than ink on paper; they are a lifeline connecting us to humanity, reminding us that we are not alone. Soon, I will go home and a new chaplain will arrive – in April in fact. I hope you will allow me to pass on your information to him to continue the important work that you and Soldiers’ Angels do!

With deepest gratitude,
Chaplain L.

Give a gift now and let’s keep the care and comfort flowing downrange. 

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