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Thankful for Our Women of Valor

As we reflect on all that we are thankful for this Thanksgiving, our hearts go out to a very special group of women: the caregivers of our heroes. We call them Women of Valor. They are a group of military wives, girlfriends, mothers, or other female relatives of wounded heroes who our Women of Valor team supports. Oftentimes we forget about the families who do so much to support their service members. Military Caregivers care for wounded heroes who have returned home from deployment with both physical and mental scars. These valiant women are left to pick up the pieces and care for their children and their spouse. It’s difficult to say the least but they do it with grace, which is why we have an entire team dedicated to giving them support through care packages and cards.

We reached out to our Women of Valor to see what they’re thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday. Here is what they had to say.


“This year I am Thankful for the love and support from my family while I continue in classes. I am thankful for friends new and old and amazing organizations that understand the role of a Caregiver.”


“This year I am thankful for life! I just had a radical hysterectomy for cancer and they got it all! I am thankful to be able to fight it and be with my children!”


“I am thankful for all the moments I share with my family everyday. From sitting around the kitchen table talking, playing board games together, and filling our house with not only chaos but lots of love.”



“We are thankful for having the courage for a new beginning. We recently moved to a new state to follow our dream and it has been difficult. But I am thankful that we kept our faith and keep fighting to succeed as a family.”



“This year I’m thankful for having my husband and kids. My husband has been having a hard time mentally and physically and I’m just glad to have him here with us. I’m thankful that my youngest looks at everything positive as he has been having a lot of health issues and we are still trying to figure it all out. My oldest who has autism has good days and bad but so thankful for his energy because he keeps me young at heart. I am also thankful for everyone in this amazing group being there for me when I just want to shut down so thank you so much.”


“This year I’m thankful for the love and understanding from my family, friends and pets, they’re priceless.”



“I am very thankful for my family. I have a big family with 6 kids and 4.5 grandchildren. Each one of them has helped me in ways they can’t imagine. My kids are adults now. They always do things with me. And when I down and out, my grand babies cheer me up! I am also thankful for this program. It picks me up when I get cards of thanks from people I don’t even know. It’s nice to know someone is thinking about me cause I don’t have time for me.”



“I’m thankful to have everyone together this Thanksgiving!”


“This year I am thankful for my house repairs being almost complete after hurricane Michael, I’m thankful for my daughter returning home with my grandsons after they lost their home and moved to Jersey (due to the hurricane)they are back thank god, my younger daughter graduating this year and I am most thankful god has kept our family healthy and safe.”


“When my husband left his job as a Police Officer in September 2017 suddenly (called out for a week and never went back) due to his struggles with PTSD, I was 3 months in to owning my own online boutique. Needless to say our world got turned upside down and I had to walk away from the business. For quite a while, something I yearned for was owning my own business to help support our family. About 3 or 4 months ago I decided to revisit a crafting business I attempted back in 2017 as well. I am so thankful that it’s finally starting to grow! My Etsy shop is slowly getting more and more views and sales. I am also thankful that my husband, who struggles daily, is starting to take part in the business by using his woodworking skills and creativity to create some beautiful Christmas decor for some craft shows I have coming up! It makes him feel so good.”