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Soldiers’ Angels Supported Him, Now He’s Supporting Veterans

“I know this was a long time ago. But in 2004 I received my first of many care packages from Soldiers’ Angels. I continued to receive them through my next four deployments, the last in 2011. Thank you for your support. I am now a Volunteer in Dallas, with Soldiers’ Angels at the VA serving coffee and donuts. Once a month I Volunteer at the Dallas Food Distribution Site. It is so wonderful to give back to those who gave so much. I am a proud retired Army veteran.” – Micheal Hood, Army Veteran and once supported Service Member through Deployed Adoptions

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Retired Army Veteran Michael Hood posted this comment in response to a Facebook post we did about a Service Member our Angels supported. Upon reading it, we just had to know more! We connected with Michael to hear his story and learn more about what he’s up to now.

Michael was deployed four times as a cook in the Army and served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“2004 was when we first started getting info about different organizations doing care packages. I emailed them my information and started getting cards and packages from people,” says Michael.

Each deployment, Michael would register for Soldiers’ Angels support and eventually started requesting items for his entire unit. Over the course of four years, he received many letters and care packages, but one thing that stuck out to him from his time overseas was the handmade ornaments his unit received.

“Around Christmas time, there would be one or two handmade ornaments that we would hang on the Christmas tree in our Unit,” says Michael.

Home but still serving

It has been a long time since Michael served overseas, but his service hasn’t stopped. As a 100% disabled Veteran, Michael spends his days in service to others through multiple volunteer support roles. He volunteers at our Dallas Military & Veteran Food Distribution every month, unloading the truck and organizing the pallets of food to help make the process more efficient.

“Soldiers’ Angels posted a volunteer opportunity for the food distribution on Facebook. Once I realized this was more than just a one-time deal, I went over to the forum and signed up as an Angel. Being in food service, I help unload the food trucks and organize the pallets so that things like bread don’t get crushed. I’m good at organizing, I help make it easy to load people up and get them out of there. This month we served over 150 Veterans ham and Christmas dinner fixings,” says Michael.

He also volunteers two Fridays a month at the VA Hospital through Soldiers’ Angels, serving coffee and donuts to Veterans.

“I spend about 2.5 hours two Fridays a month serving coffee and donuts. It gives me a chance to interact with Veterans and hear their stories. It’s great to be a part of the organization on the volunteer side so I can give back to people who gave to me when I was Deployed,” says Michael.

Soldiers’ Angels isn’t the only organization he volunteers for, he’s also a mentor for Veterans Treatment Court in Tarrant County.

“I always tell people: I have depression, anxiety, and PTSD, so helping Veterans out helps my mental health,” Michael explains.

We are so grateful for all Michael has done in service to this country and in service to Veterans in need. He has become a wonderful addition to the Soldiers’ Angels family!

Are you interested in offering morale-boosting support to a deployed Service Member like Michael? Or joining forces with other Veterans and volunteers supporting our Military & Veteran Food Distributions? Get started as an Angel volunteer here.