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Running low on Toilet Paper? Here’s How You Could Win a Pallet

Don't fear, we've got your rear! Here's how you can win a pallet of toilet paper.

Need a square? We’ve got some to spare! Here at Soldiers’ Angels, we’ve got lots of great donors and a big sense of humor! Since for some reason toilet paper seems to be a scarce commodity these days, heinies (and socks) everywhere are in trouble. Don’t fear, we’ve got your rear! We’ve got some (actually A LOT) of toilet paper for one lucky winner. 

Enter here for your chance to win > > >

How much toilet paper are we talkin’? Well, thanks to our generous donors, we’ve got a full pallet of toilet paper up for grabs in the Soldiers’ Angels Great Toilet Paper Giveaway! How many rolls in a pallet? 1,920 rolls! But what are you going to DO with 1,920 rolls of toilet paper and why are we giving it all away to one person?

Well… we want to inspire others to share the love and build community how they see fit! We know it’s silly… but the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020 was a shared experience we can ALL relate to in one way or another. We’ll be able to share the story with our grandkids and our grandkids’ grandkids. Although toilet paper supplies are leveling out in most locations across the country, this one item has come to mean so much to so many who had a hard time acquiring it.

SOOOOOOO… If you win, the choice is yours… Keep it all for yourself in case we have another shortage… Share it with your friends and family… Donate some or all to an organization in your community… 

OR… our favorite idea… You could ALSO give a sheet about our military and cover their rears by sending some to a military unit deployed in support of COVID-19. Don’t know a unit? Don’t worry, we know plenty.

Don’t like any of those ideas? Well, you could give some of these #ToiletPaperChallenge ideas a try:

Deliver toilet paper to 1,920 of your friends with a drone

Leave some out at your door for delivery drivers, neighbors, or whoever needs it

Create toilet paper bouquets for Mother’s Day or birthdays

Practice your soccer skills like Lionel Messi 


Experiment with your cat


Do some cool flips 


Experiment with your dog(s) 


Make a toilet paper maze 

AND when you’re done using the paper, you can do DIY crafts with the empty rolls

All you have to do to enter is give us your email. Seriously. That’s it. We’ll pick a winner at random on Friday, May 15, 2020. 

Ready to enter? Click here.