Warm Feet for Warriors sock drive to help veterans, active military members

Soldier’s Angels goal is to collect 50,000 pairs of socks

By Max Massey, Reporter/Anchor | Published on

SAN ANTONIO – Did you know? One of the most requested items from deployed service members and veterans in VA hospitals is socks.

Soldiers’ Angels is working hard at that request currently with their “Warm Feet for Warriors” sock drive.

The program runs until March 31 and more donations are needed to meet their goal.

“I did 23 years in the Army, deployed all over the world, including a tour in Afghanistan and Iraq,” Rich Scott, a veteran said.

Scott spent Tuesday morning helping out fellow veterans by handing out socks.

He says he knows first-hand how important socks are.

“They have to walk, they have to march. They have to do all these different maneuvers. So to have an opportunity to to come back, take the boots off and put on a brand new pair of clean, dry socks, it just really restarts your whole system. It gives them a fresh feeling and lots of energy, so they can get out and do what they need to do,” Scott said.

Soldiers’ Angels is collecting the socks for deployed service members and veterans of all generations.

“It’s great to be at the veteran center today and distributing socks to vet centers to get treatment here at this facility. You know, it’s great to be able to just say ‘thank you’ for something so little to be able to give to them. It’s just to thank them for their service, it’s really nice and a lot of them don’t receive that very often,” Amy Palmer, Soldiers’ Angels president and CEO said.

As of now, there have been about 4,000 donations, but their goal is 50,000. And there is still time to help out.

“So you can donate for local vets here in San Antonio by bringing them to our headquarters office or you can mail them to us,” Palmer said.

Whatever donations you make will help make a difference.

“We love all socks. You know, even deployed service members love colorful socks, some theme socks, black, white, whatever colors. But our veterans, they like the no skid socks. Diabetic socks are really popular and important for some of our veterans, but you know any types of socks will take,” Palmer said.

You can learn more by going to their website by clicking here.