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Moms are Heroes Too

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, a day set aside to honor the first woman in your life, your Mom. If you were fortunate enough to have your Mother in your life, you know all that she’s done for you. She gave birth to you, she raised you, she provided for you, put bandaids on your scrapes and scratches, fed you, clothed you, hugged you when you needed a hug (and maybe even sometimes when you didn’t)…

Mothers are a wonderful treasure. Today we want to honor our Military Mothers. There are all kinds of Military Mothers, but all of them have gone above and beyond.

Moms who are serving overseas.

Veteran mothers who spent time away from their families.

Mothers who support and care for their service member sons and daughters.

Mothers who are caregivers.

Gold Star Mothers who have lost their son or daughter during war.

Whether they’ve served, supported someone who has served, or are supporting someone currently serving, our Military Mothers are heroes too. They take care of their family, they serve this country, and they deserve all the honor in the world.

Thank you, Military Moms! If you’d like to honor a Military Mom, download this image to share with them.

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