How We Help

Through a wide range of programs and services, Soldiers’ Angels provides support throughout the military experience.

At Soldiers’ Angels, we understand that joining the military is a lifelong commitment. From the stresses of the first deployment to raising a family in the military to potentially enduring life-changing wounds, and finally transitioning back to civilian life, we strive to support the military and veteran community through each stage of military service.

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Deployed Support

Six virtual volunteer teams focus on providing deployed service members with morale-boosting items including letters, care packages, and more.

Veteran Support

Working on the ground in VA Hospitals across the country, Soldiers’ Angels provides support to VA patients, as well as the low-income, at-risk, and homeless veteran population.

Family Support

Virtual volunteer teams help military and veteran families through some of their many challenges. From the birth of a new child to support for caregivers, these teams are a shoulder for military families to lean on.

Wounded Support

In addition to providing technology items to wounded, Soldiers’ Angels has a team on the ground in Landstuhl, Germany that allows us to get much-needed items directly to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.

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