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Our 2023 Impact Numbers Are In

Our 2023 impact numbers are in, and we are pretty excited about them! 2023 was a year of growth and change as we made the transition to a new system, changed up the way we operate some of our programs, launched new initiatives, and grew our support. Many of our campaign goals were not only achieved, they were exceeded! It’s all thanks to the growing number of donors and Angels who help ensure we meet the needs of the Military community. Here’s a look at our 2023 impact.

Overall Support Numbers

Since 2003, we have provided over $289 Million in aid to Military and Veteran families! Over the last 20 years, we’ve sent over 1,038,900 care packages to combat deployed Service Members. This year, we were able to…

  • Provide support to 1,332,654 Service Members, Veterans, wounded heroes, and their families
  • Provide 45,722 Veterans with food assistance
  • Expand our Military and Veteran Food Distribution to Dallas

Angel Volunteers

Soldiers’ Angels continues to have one of the largest volunteer networks of any charity of its kind. Angel volunteers are the heart of our organization and represent all 50 states, Washington DC, Puerto Rico, and 31 countries abroad. Together, our Angel volunteers made a big splash in supporting Service Members, Veterans, and their families. Here’s a look at their 2023 impact:

  • 34,337 care packages sent to deployed
  • 193,885 letters and cards mailed to deployed, Veterans, and caregivers
  • 128 expectant Military and Veteran families supported with virtual baby showers
  • 68 deployed Chaplains supported
  • 269 female Military caregivers supported
  • 1,898 families adopted for the holidays including 7,684 children
  • 3,510 Veterans provided transportation to/from appointments at the VA

Want to join our community of volunteers to give back in 2024? Get started here.

In-Kind Support

Over the years we have partnered with some incredible organization to help amplify and support our work. Each year, those relationships grow and develop. Thanks to our corporate partners, we were supported with these great items:

  • 133,200 bags of coffee from Books-A-Million
  • 860,160 boxes of cookies from Girl Scout Councils
  • 8,551 bags of coffee from Black Rifle Coffee Co. (Plus 3,150 boxes of k-cups and 375 boxes of instant coffee sticks)
  • 661,500 bags of popcorn from Trail’s End

All in-kind goods shipped to combat deployed, activated/deployed Guard and Reserves, or given to Veterans. Interested in supporting Soldiers’ Angels on a corporate level? Learn more here.

Collection Campaigns

With the help of our supporters, our collection campaigns collected and redistributed $21,519,687 worth of items in 2023! We also exceeded our collections goal for nearly EVERY campaign… we were only 463 pairs of socks away from our goal for Warm Feet for Warriors… but we’ll make up for that this year, we’re sure!!

  • 115,172 Ibs. of extra Halloween candy during Treats for Troops
  • 43,881 stuffed holiday stockings
  • 74,537 pairs of socks for Warm Feet for Warriors
  • 22,931 Ibs. of care package items for Go Camo

Ready to help keep that support rolling in 2024? Learn more about our collection campaigns here.