Where to donate your leftover Halloween candy  |  By Brianna Wellen

Here’s a little secret: candy is around all year long. Sure, we hype it up for Halloween, but you can get a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup or Skittles (apparently the top Halloween candy of 2021) or even candy corn during any season. So when your kids come home from trick or treating with a massive haul—or if you find yourself with lots of leftovers when the witching hour ends—don’t feel like you need to hoard your stash. Donate it.

TODAY shared a list of five organizations accepting candy donations, all for good causes. There are some universal ground rules—all candy must be unopened, no homemade treats, etc.—but almost everything is fair game.

  1. Soldiers’ Angels is all about getting care packages to U.S. troops overseas, and their Treats for Troops program is about making some of those packages just 100% full of candy. Kids can get buyback prizes from drop-off locations, and parents get a sweet, sweet tax-deductible receipt.