Inverness craft brewery to donate to military support group, asks for community participation

By Fred Hiers Citrus County Chronicle Reporter

September 13, 2022


Nine State Brewery owner Eric Lesage is joining the “Hops for Heroes” campaign and giving the full price of a Homefront special brew to a national veterans group every time someone orders a glass.

He is confident he will make a profit from the Saturday fundraiser that will donate to Soldiers’ Angels. It just won’t be a financial one.

In addition to donating the full price to Soldiers’ Angels from the special Hops for Heroes brew, he will also give an additional $1 to the national charity from each sale he makes from any beer he sells from the 200 Tompkins St., Inverness brewery Saturday, Sept. 17.

In turn, Soldiers’ Angels and its volunteers help active duty personnel, their families, and military veterans with food, care packages when soldiers are sent abroad, and aid to their families.

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