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A Tribute to Our Heroes: Army Veteran Kimberly Davis

In this latest episode of our video series, “A Tribute to Our Heroes,” we talk with Army Veteran and Soldiers’ Angels Community Representative and volunteer Kimberly Davis.

Kimberly shares about growing up in a military family, her deployment to Iraq, and her various volunteer operations with Soldiers’ Angels and other organizations in San Antonio.

You can view our full video interview with Kimberly below.

Video Interview with Kimberly Davis

Q: Can you share the story about what your dad did and how that influenced you to sign up to go into Comm O?

A: Actually my dad was in the Air Force, I don’t remember his exact MOS but I know I should, but I knew he was in Intel and that’s what he did. Actually, my brother also went to the Army he was a combat medic and my sister went to the Army. She was a communication specialist as well, and I’m the youngest and I was a 25 Lima [Cable Installer].

Q: You went Comm O and so you did Fort Jackson for basic, then you did Fort Gordon, then went to Wiesbaden, but Wiesbaden wasn’t your first time overseas. What was that like? Because you’ve experienced Great Britain, and then now you’re in Germany what was that experience like for you at that age?

A: Man I loved it when I was younger. When I was in England I remember having tea parties and going to all the different museums and different historical sites which is one of my passions. I love museums and history you know, but yeah in England we did a lot. Being a military brat because I was actually born in Virginia, so England wasn’t even my first home, I’ve been used to traveling. I guess I was born into traveling and into the military life.

Q:  You got deployed to Tikrit, Iraq, can you tell us a little about your experience in Tikrit?

A: Absolutely, initially my orders were to go to Air John Kuwait to be with the HUB platoon doing my MOS. I want to say three days to 24 hours in advance I was notified that I was going to be changing to go to Tikrit and work in operations, so I definitely was not prepared for that. I had never worked in operations in the military, so I was not prepared. But it was okay because actually I’m really good with administrative skills and I have a really vast knowledge of how to work in operations I’ve operated businesses and such and I’ve helped with different non-profits and small businesses so it wasn’t even prior to joining the service and after so that’s great good transition.

Q: What was a good memory or something that you really enjoyed in Tikrit? I know that’s a crazy question but there had to be something there that you thought was pretty cool.

A: Yes! I will say I had a family I had, of course, my fellow brothers and sisters and different contractors. I had a family so I wasn’t alone and it made those days really easy. I’ve been in Tikrit twice and both times I felt a sense of community. It just seemed like the units that were stationed there were really close-knit folks and I’m sure that had a lot to do with the challenges that they were overcoming together, but it really was a pretty awesome thing to see. Folks bond together like that, especially on the other side of the world in such a trying time in a combat zone.

Q: You’ve been volunteering with Soldiers’ Angels for a while at our Military and Veteran Food Distribution each month?

A: I have been helping with Soldiers Angels for a while now. I help on a regular basis with the monthly Food Distribution that is held here in San Antonio at the Cowboys Dancehall Stadium. I direct traffic — that’s the group or the team that I’m on for that particular event. I also attend the GI Forum and they have different activities. One day they have Bingo and Pizza which is actually my favorite event at the GI Forum. They have Activities and Sundays day as well. Then at the Poly-Trauma Center, they have the garden I haven’t quite been out there because it’s been a little too hot, but I did initially go out there. I’ve volunteered there and I guess I volunteered at other resource events. I did this Super Bowl volunteer event that they had. I’ve done quite a few events and I really enjoy it.

Q: What does it mean to you to be a Veteran

A: A Veteran. My favorite thing … so Veterans are warriors with invisible wounds that are protected by God. That’s how I see Veterans.

From the whole Soldiers’ Angels team, we want to thank Kimberly for her service to our nation and her continued service to the San Antonio community. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss an episode of our “A Tribute to our Heroes” series.