Make RED Go Viral!


The president doesn't talk about it, politicians campaigning for elections don't talk about it and the media isn't covering it, but we still have tens of thousands of people fighting in Afghanistan and we can't forget them.

One important part of remembering our heroes in Afghanistan in RED Shirt Friday (RED = Remember Everyone Deployed).  With a the re-rollout of the RED Shirt Friday How I Met Your Mother video, it's time to make this go "viral!"

RED Shirt Friday is about putting supporting the troops into popular culture and mindset.  It requires little in the way of financial investment, but if RED-shirt-wearing patriots include the message of why they are wearing red, it has the power to change culture. 

Here's how you can help make the How I Met Your Mother video go viral:

Let's make this happen!  For more about RED Shirt Friday, including special RED t-shirts, click here!