Blue Star Partners

Soldiers’ Angels is honored to partner with Blue Star Families to provide caregivers with complimentary tele-med, tele-counseling, and tele-psychiatry services through their participation in the Soldiers’ Angels Women of Valor program.

In addition to these much-needed services, caregivers will also be uplifted and supported by volunteers from across the country who are eager to become a shoulder for caregivers to lean on.

What to Expect From the Women of Valor Program

  • Complimentary tele-med, tele-counseling, and tele-psychiatry.
  • “Blessing Boxes” from Angel volunteers across the country. These care packages are stuffed with items to pamper you and let you know how amazing you are!
  • “Hugs” from Angel volunteers across the country. Cards make any occasion memorable— but imagine receiving them from people you don’t even know for birthdays and holidays! Our Angels are guaranteed to make you feel remembered and loved.
  • Membership to a private Facebook group of caregivers where you can connect with other female caregivers facing the same challenges.

How to Get Started

To get started with the Women of Valor program, please fill out the form below. After submitting the form, a Soldiers’ Angels representative will contact and complete your registration for the program.