The 2019 Holiday Community Partner Program Is Now Open

Posted on Sep 12, 2019

Learn all about how to become a community partner for the holidays!

We know what you’re thinking: how can you be thinking about the holidays in weather like this? Deployed service members and veterans are always on our minds and, believe it or not, the holidays will be here before you know it! We’re gearing up for our annual Holiday Community Partner program where we collect stuffed stockings to hand out to veterans in VA Hospitals across the country and send overseas to deployed heroes. 

What Is a Holiday Community Partner? 

Every year around the holidays, we partner with individuals, businesses, and groups across the country to collect stuffed stockings to send to deployed service members and veterans. Whether it be civic groups, families, schools, businesses or friends, we love to encourage and help others show their support. 

How To Become A Holiday Community Partner

Nonprofit organizations often close down holiday cards and letter donations due to the excessive amounts of donations -  including us. To alleviate this issue, we created the Holiday Community Partners program where groups can still create handwritten holiday cards or letters for troops and veterans-- it just has to be included in a stuffed holiday stocking! As soon as we have reached our collection goal OR our capacity to distribute stockings, we close the program. This allows us to provide support to veterans and service members while not being overwhelmed with donations. This year our goal is to collect 15,000 stockings!

To get involved, gather a group together and pledge stockings through our website here. Please note, you will be responsible for all shipping and handling costs to get your completed stockings to your designated address. Please do not ship stockings to our headquarters unless instructed to do so after registration! While many stockings will be directed to ship to our headquarters, we will also be routing many other stockings directly to our VA Representatives across the country for them to distribute at the VA Hospitals they represent!

Assembling Your Stocking

Once registered, begin collecting stocking items, stockings, and cards. You can do a drive at your business or organization, or get friends and family to join you. Stockings can be stuffed with holiday candy, store-bought snacks, small games, stationery items, playing cards, lip balms, or other holiday-themed items. You should also include a holiday card with a message or thanks or support. Please avoid glass, sharp objects, products containing alcohol, aerosols, and hand sanitizer. Each stocking should be fastened at the top (one great way to put a hat over the top of the stocking) to ensure nothing spills out. Be sure to follow the specific list of what to include and what not to include on our website here. 

We have lots of people who get together as a group to stuff stockings and sign cards. It’s a fun way to celebrate the holidays! Please ensure you carefully pack the stockings with newspaper, packing peanuts, or bubble wrap to ensure minimal damage to stockings during shipping. Please do not ship in extra-large boxes and keep box weight to less than 40 pounds.

Soliciting Donations

The Holiday Community Partners program was created as a way for the general public to come together and give back to our troops and veterans during a time when they could use the most support. When you become a community partner, you are prohibited from soliciting any cash or in-kind donations from retailers, manufacturers, large corporations or any other business entity. Due to the nature of those requests and the paperwork involved, solicitation of donations must come directly from Soldiers' Angels.


If you have a connection at a retailer, manufacturer, large corporation or business entity that is willing to donate cash or in-kind items, please contact us

Deployments and hospital stays can be especially disheartening when you’re unable to spend time with your family. Holiday Community Partners help by lifting spirits and bringing comforting items to those who ultimately gave up their own comfort for us. You can read more about this program here