How Soldiers’ Angels Supports U.S. Special Operations Forces

Posted on Jun 09, 2017

Within the ranks of the U.S. Military are a few elite groups of specially trained military service members who make up the United States Special Operations Forces. These men and women are trained to go on special missions that are often dangerous.

The teams that make up our United States Special Operations Forces include:

  • Army Green Berets

  • Army Night Stalkers

  • Army Rangers

  • Navy SEALs

  • Navy SEALs Missions

  • Marine MARSOC

  • Marine RECON

  • Marine RECON Missions

  • Air Force Special Tactics

We are so fortunate to have a team of Angels who serves these elite heroes. The Soldiers’ Angels Special Operations Forces Team (aka SOFT), is made up of a highly skilled team of Angels. Due to the nature of the Special Forces military duties, this team requires an increased level of security and commitment. In order to serve on this team, Angel volunteers must serve on at least one other team for at least six months and be recommended by their team leader. 

These angels serve our Special Forces heroes by sending monthly care packages to either a service member or a unit through their deployment.


Meet Pat Fried

Pat Fried is the team leader for our SOFT Team.

How long have you been on the Special Forces Team? I took over as Team Leader for SOFT in February of 2016. Prior to that I had been a Group Leader for Deployed Adoptions Team.

Why do you love this team? I have an elite, fabulous, dedicated, great group of Team Angels who think going beyond is the norm.

What are some things most people don’t know about Special Forces Service Members? Their locations are outlying areas, some without structures, potable water, indoor plumbing or electricity. They survive on  MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) and whatever fits in their pockets. We send the additional sustenance, jerky, protein bars, dried fruit that adds the additional fuel to keep them going, as well as some comfort items. Knowing, without being told, that they have some of what makes their jobs easier because we send it. We know they are there and we want them to know we do. 

What’s one of the most memorable experiences you’ve had on this team or with Soldiers’ Angels?  I received a phone call from down range because my name as SOF Team Leader had been passed to another Service Member to request support for his Soldiers. I thought it was great how word gets around! I received a U.S. Flag that had been flown in an F-18, along with a certificate of authenticity as a 'thank you' from a Service Member I supported for 12 months, back when the war in Iraq was going hot and heavy. It was one of three I've received over 14 years supporting our deployed.

What are some of the most requested or loved items that your team sends? Some of our Angels bake and a brownie can work wonders to pick up morale. Requests are seasonal and if the guys are lucky enough to have access to a freezer, those 'Otter Pops' are popular. Cards and letters, so they know they're on our minds.

Our Special Operations Forces heroes love getting care packages and truly appreciate the support they receive from angels on the team.