Returning the Kindness

Posted on Dec 30, 2016

Soldiers' Angels "Angel" volunteers are selfless. They support our service members and veterans without ever thinking of receiving anything in return. Angel Debbie, a member of the Deployed Adoptions Team, was no exception. She sent her deployed service member a lovingly packed holiday care package with the hope that she would brighten the day of someone who was spending the holidays away from their family. She never expected this:

Soldiers' Angels Volunteer Surprised With A Care Package"Today my husband and I were shoveling and he looked up and said there is a package on the steps. It was covered with snow. He walked over and said I think it is a package you sent to your service member and it has been returned. I think you could have heard me all over the neighborhood saying "No it's her Christmas box". We brought it in and it said repackaged but the name and items didn't make sense. We finally figured out that it was sent to me from her. She was nice enough to put this box together for me with a wonderful letter and Christmas card. She took some of the decorations out of the coloring book I sent her and used them to decorate the box. She made me ornaments and even sent things for my grandsons. I thought she was going to be a silent soldier but she just hasn't had the opportunity to write. We all do this for their comfort but this really was a comfort and wonderful Christmas gift."

Remember this story as you continue into the New Year and never forget how contagious kindness can be.