Businesses: General Requirements and Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in adopting military and/or veteran families through our Holiday Adopt-A-Family Program. Below is a list of commonly asked questions to familiarize you with the program. If this does not answer your questions, please feel free to contact Lexi Boyd, Family Support Teams Program Manager, at or 210-629-0020.

1. How many families can our business adopt?

You may adopt as many families as you think you can support. We require that businesses adopt a minimum of families. If your business only wants to adopt 1 family, you can register as a Team Angel through our website at

2. What am I expected to provide the families? 

For each family adopted, you are asked to provide a minimum of $50 - $100 food gift card towards a holiday meal, depending on the size of the family and gifts for each child age 18 and under in the amount of $35 - $50. All toys/gifts must be new and age-appropriate. We ask that you wrap the gifts, unless otherwise indicated by the family. Depending on the location of the family, you may be asked to ship the presents to the family that you are matched with, so the families can receive your gifts before the Christmas holidays. If you are in the local area of the family you have adopted, you may meet and exchange the gifts, but we ask that it not be at the military family’s home for safety, unless the family agrees.

3. How soon do I need to tell you that I want to adopt families?

Our goal is to match families as soon as possible in hopes to give you and the families enough time to plan. However, please note that the later you submit your request, the more difficult it may be for us to match you with a family. Deadline for matching families is December 5, 2018.

4. Can I choose the size of the families?

Yes, you can choose the family size that best suits your business’ needs.

5. Can I specify the location of the families?

You can specify the location of the family and we will make every attempt to match you with a family within your state or within a close radius to your location.  We cannot guarantee that families will be close to your city or location as we have families who register across the United States. We are asking this year, that you consider adopting outside of your location if possible. If you will need to mail your packages to the families, we ask that you maintain the tracking number of the packages mailed in case there is a problem with delivery.

6. Do I contact the families?

Yes, you will be given the address, phone number and email of each family. It is your responsibility to contact the families to verify the information they have provided, talk with the family about their needs, and get additional information from the family that will help you with your holiday purchases.

7. How will I know what to buy each child? 

The families will provide a wish list for each child as part of their application. Once you make contact with the families, you can ask for more specific details, sizes (if the family requests clothing for their children), color preferences for the children, etc. We ask that you not provide gift cards to the children as presents even though the family may request this item.

8. Can I purchase items for the parents?

Yes, you can purchase items for the parents but it is not required. You are asked to provide a gift card for the parents/guardians so they may purchase food for the holiday meal. 

9. Can I wrap the gifts?

Please wrap your gifts, if you are able, unless the family advises you otherwise.

10. Can I ask the families over to our place of business or invite all of our families to a party we are having?

You may invite the families to your business or party but please know that many families may not feel comfortable with this situation or it may not be conducive for the service member if he/she has physical or other disabilities. Many of our veterans suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress or Traumatic Brain Injury and new situations or people may make them uncomfortable. We want to ensure a positive experience for everyone. Please talk with your adopted families and find out their needs and what situations they will feel comfortable with. We ask that you respect their decision and needs. 

11. If the families are in my area, can I make the families dinner and bring it to them?

No, for the liability, safety and comfort of our military families, we ask that you provide a gift card for the meal. If the family does not wish to cook, you can purchase a cooked meal from a local grocer or restaurant and have the family pick up the meal. Please make sure that you check with the family on any dietary needs or allergies of the family.  

12. How do you screen the families?

All families are screened for participation in our Holiday Adopt-A-Family program. Proof of service and financial need are both validated before a family becomes eligible for adoption.

13. How long does it take for me to be matched with a military family?

Once we receive your application online, we will begin the matching process based on your request. Families are made available for adoption as soon as they are screened and approved for the program. Please allow us at least 14 business days to match families to your requests. We receive family applications on a daily basis and will inform you by email of a family that is matched with your needs. 

Our goal is for you to have a positive experience with your participation in this program. If you have any problems or concerns, please contact Lexi Boyd at 210-629-0020 or Thank you! 


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