Blanket Drive

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Blankets are more than a sense of warmth. They are a form of comfort when you’re sick, feeling down, or just need something to curl up with to relax. Think how much warmth and comfort your favorite blanket provides for you when you are cold or lonely. We want to gift that same feeling to veterans in VA Hospitals as well as wounded service members being treated in various facilities. Our annual Blanket Drive has officially begun and will continue through August 31st. Please help us reach our goal of collecting 2,000 blankets for service members and veterans! Learn more about the Soldiers' Angels Blanket Drive here.

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And the Winner is...

May 23, 2020

If you've been following our story over the past several weeks, you probably know that we had a very generous donor who provided a whole pallet of toilet paper for us to share with our supporters. With so many people facing the challenge of finding toilet paper and the many inspiring stories circulating the internet about how people are sharing their toilet paper from quarantine (or doing silly things like building toilet paper obstacle courses for their pets), we thought it would be fun to encourage our supporters to decide if they would "share the care" or keep the entire pallet for themselves... which, with 1,920 rolls of toilet paper included, is basically a lifetime supply!!

Click here to read more and find out who the lucky winner is and what they decided to do with all of that TP...

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Support Veterans Nonprofit Organizations: Give Back to Our Heroes

May 22, 2020

This May, as we recognize and remember those who have served in all branches of the military, we want to give you a chance to give back to our nation’s heroes. The following veterans’ nonprofit organizations support military servicemembers, veterans, and their families. Full story here

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How COVID-19 shifted our support

May 20, 2020

School districts, small businesses, and major retail companies have been forced to adapt and adjust how they conduct operations and serve their customers amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Similarly, veteran service organizations must adjust their support tactics now and for months to come, especially if their goal is to reach the most vulnerable among the veteran population. Full story here

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Cookies, Cookies, Everywhere!

May 12, 2020

Thanks to the incredible support of the Girl Scout Councils across America, Soldiers' Angels has been able to spread lots of "Smiles" to our troops and veterans— Savannah Smiles, that is! And Thin Mints... and Samoas... and everything in between! From this recent donation of 25,000 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies to the Milwaukee VA to the 30,000 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies sent to Eglin Air Force Base in April, Soldiers' Angels is hoping to bring a bite of joy to troops and veterans!

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Support From Distilleries

As you know, hand sanitizer has been one of the most sought after and hard to find supplies in recent weeks as it is necessary to help stop the spread of COVID-19. With hand sanitizer being so difficult to acquire, Soldiers’ Angels has turned to distilleries across the country for hand sanitizer so that we can continue to support veterans and service members. Full story here.

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Meet Volunteer Extraordinaire, Pat Jopling

Here at Soldiers Angels', we are a team composed of many different personalities from different backgrounds, all with one common goal - supporting our nation's military, veterans, and their families. One of the amazing people on our team who contributes to our mission is Soldiers' Angels volunteer, Pat Jopling. Get to know her and what she does at Soldiers' Angels. Full story here.


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Quarantine Crafts: Face Masks

We’re back again with some more crafty ideas to keep you busy while quarantined. Whether you’re a pro with a needle and thread or you’re not, we’ve got you covered with two different ways to make beginner-friendly CDC approved face masks - one that requires sewing and one where you only need two materials that you likely already have in your home! Learn how to make your own face mask in our most recent Quarantine Crafts post here.

Not crafty or don't have time to sew masks? You can still help! We are also accepting mask-making materials to distribute to our Sewing & Crafting Team as well as monetary donations to support all of our COVID-19 Response Programs. Learn more about how Soldiers' Angels is supporting the military and veteran community with masks as well as how you can donate supplies or make a financial contribution to support our troops and veterans by clicking here.

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URGENT: Stitchers & Supplies Needed!

A recent Pentagon directive requires all service members and their family members wear masks while on post. However, with mask resources already stretched, the government will not be providing the masks for service members or their family members-- stateside or deployed. Military families around the world have reached out to try and acquire some type of face mask. Soldiers' Angels and our network of volunteers has answered that call by sewing masks and shipping them out to service members and veterans as quickly as possible. Read more in this recent article from Stars & Stripes or take a look at this video from News 4 San Antonio. As the request for masks continues to increase, the ability to acquire the needed materials (fabric, elastic, etc.) also continues to become more challenging. Please consider volunteering to sew, donating materials if you have them, or making a monetary donation to support Soldiers' Angels COVID-19 programs and efforts. We urgently need your support in order to continue supporting the military community!


  • know how to sew and have the time and ability to volunteer to sew masks
  • OR have materials you would be willing to donate for this need: such as fabric, elastic, thread, or other sewing materials (preferred fabric is 100% cotton, like a quilting fabric or lightweight flannel)


If you would like to make a donation to Soldiers' Angels, please click here.

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Quarantine Crafts: Paracord Bracelets

Need some new ideas to stay busy during quarantine? Deployed service members and veterans love paracord bracelets! Not only is it a great gift to show our appreciation for what they do, but paracord bracelets provide an easy-to-carry line of cord that can be used for a variety of survival needs. Ready to get started? We've got the supply list and instructions you will need to get going on this project! Show your support for troops and veterans from the comfort of your own couch by making Paracord Bracelets.

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Community Through Crisis

Community is - and always will be - a core principle at Soldiers’ Angels. Without it, we would not be able to provide the level of support that we offer. Right now, community is needed more than ever as we are forced to stay inside for safety. But community doesn’t have to mean physically being there with others. Our virtual volunteers on the Angel Teams have been a solid source of community for years. When you become a virtual volunteer with Soldiers' Angels, you also become a member of a Facebook Group that connects all of the volunteers on your team. Angels connect on the Facebook Groups to share ideas, build friendships, and work towards the common goal of ensuring our deployed service members, wounded heroes, military families, and veterans of all eras know that we are thinking of them and we are grateful for their service. Learn more about Soldiers' Angels volunteers and how they are staying connected.


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Coronavirus Didn't Stop Atlanta Food Distribution

Thanks to an incredible team in Atlanta and an amazing partnership with the Atlanta VA Health Care System, Soldiers' Angels was able to continue the Veteran Mobile Food Distribution in Atlanta yesterday despite the COVID-19 situation. With extra precautions in place-- gloves, masks, social distancing, and asking the veterans to stay in their cars with the windows up-- the team of people who made it happen did everything they could to ensure over 200 Atlanta veterans had food on their tables. In addition to the veterans that were served at the event, social workers delivered groceries to the homes of many veterans who were in quarantine and unable to attend. Watch the news clip here.

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Urgent Help Needed Sewing Masks!

Have a sewing machine and basic sewing skills? Urgent help is needed to help supply VA Hospitals with masks. As medical supplies continue to run on low supply, healthcare workers are now requesting homemade masks to help protect against COVID-19. We are now accepting donations of masks from anyone, regardless if you are registered as an Angel or not. If you are not currently an Angel, please send your completed masks to Soldiers' Angels via the address below. If you are a Team Angel, please reach out to your Team Leader before sending your masks. 

Send masks to: 
Soldiers' Angels
2895 NE Loop 410, Suite 107
San Antonio, Texas 78218

Here's a video providing instructions for the preferred type of mask that includes a pocket for the insertion of a filter:

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We Will Get Through This Together

Please take a moment to watch a special message from Soldiers' Angels President and CEO, Amy Palmer, about the many ways Soldiers' Angels will continue to provide support to service members, wounded heroes, and veterans of all eras amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Please listen to the COVID-19 guidelines set forth by your local governments. #StayHome #StaySafe