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Ladies of Liberty  

The Ladies of Liberty team of Soldiers' Angels focuses on the needs of deployed female servicemembers.  We assist with supplies for their unique health and hygiene needs, and help them experience a few pampering moments to rejuvenate themselves and remind them that they are ladies, even in the environment of war.  We understand that women are instrumental in the current war, as in past conflicts, and we make special efforts to support and encourage them while demonstrating our great appreciation for their service

Ladies of Liberty originated in a University of North Dakota Women's Studies class taught by Shelle Michaels in the 2006 summer session. The students originally adopted 24 females from the North Dakota Army National Guard (1-188th ADA JLENS and SECFOR). 

Currently, Ladies of Liberty Team consists of 11 sub-teams, each with a team leader and 50-60 Angels.  Along with our support of individual female servicemembers, we also support larger groups of female deployed troops through team-wide projects.  Some of our projects provide the basics -- toiletries and other hygiene items -- and some help give the ladies some fun.  For example, in the past we have sent softball equipment for a softball tournament in Afghanistan, and party supplies for Valentine's Day and for a Hawaiian luau -- just to name a few!

We on Ladies of Liberty team are honored to support today's heroic deployed women, whose patriotism, courage, and perseverance are shaping our nation on a daily basis -- in the same tradition as those two million American women who have served before them from the American Revolution to the World Wars to Iraq and Afghanistan.

We would be delighted to add you to our team of Angels! 

How You Can Help

  • Join the Ladies of Liberty! To join Soldiers' Angels and participate in the Ladies of Liberty team click here to get started! If you're already an Angel, log in to and join the team.
  • Help provide supplies!  We need the following kinds of items for our adopted Ladies:
              Personal care - feminine hygiene materials and vitamins
              Pampering - body scrub, nail polish (for toes) and facial masks
    Haircare - hair bands, brushes, shampoo and conditioner
              Leisure materials - books, magazines and "chick flicks" (

How it Works

Ladies of Liberty support is provided in addition to regular "adoption."  When you join the team through, you will be asked to select the number of names you want to receive each day/week/month and send a letter or care package to each person you're assigned.  If they reply, you are welcome to stay in touch, but you are not expected to (they will have a long-term adopting Angel as well).

Contact Us

If you know a female service member that we should be helping, please email us.  We request that service members who are helped by Ladies of Liberty supporters also register to become officially adopted by Soldiers' Angels. Please write "Ladies of Liberty" in the comments section of the adoption form.  If you are a member of Ladies of Liberty and have any questions, please check our FAQs before emailing.

I just want to say thank you for the care package.  That was my first care package since I've been here. Thank you so much - now I know that someone cares about me. - PFC S.

...I am very grateful for everything that Soldier's Angels and the Ladies of Liberty have done for my unit. I do read EVERY letter that is sent to me. I am not always able to respond in a timely manner. But I do love getting them! I also share all the packages with other soldiers…Everyone has sent amazing packages. I say this a lot, but words can't describe how grateful we all are. - Rochelle

Thank you so much Soldiers Angels I am so happy I found you on my first deployment!  You're the best and the families that help out are awesome! - Sgt Sherri

I have to tell you - I received about 70 boxes yesterday marked with different food items and Christmas - the Soldiers have gone CRAZY!! You would have thought they haven't eaten in weeks!! Seriously! I hadn't thought about the fact they missed "American" food.  The stuff you sent is so user friendly and the Soldiers can take it in their trucks, they don't have to worry about the MRE's or what they are going to take to snack on. Our dining snacks that a Soldier can just stuff in his pockets, so the stuff you sent is heaven for that. I honestly can't get over it, I am soooooo excited, I LOVE seeing the look on the Soldiers faces when they see it and I love hearing their comments...they are asking who you are (I LOVE bragging about all of you ladies and what you are doing!!) and to hear the Soldiers want to send you all letters...I am so proud of them! - LTC Jody Nelson

We cannot wait, but before we do, a huge THANK YOU to all the hundreds of Soldiers’ Angels that took care of us from afar and made home seem like a call or care package away!!! MAJ Trish Baker, AVTF 34 Joint Base Balad

I cannot thank you enough for the amazing boxes of surprises and multiple letters I've received from your incredible organization.  With each letter and box I am so overwhelmed with emotion that someone I don't even know can express such kindness towards me...With profound heartfelt gratitude, Major Bower, U.S. Army

You are all doing great things for us, in The States.  We really appreciate all of your support.  People like you are why we serve and protect. - CW3 Graves

I have been receiving the most wonderful packages for over a month now from Soldiers' Angels and I just wanna say that it truly is a blessing to open the cards and the letters and all of the boxes. I love the letters. They make me soo happy.  I even got birthday cards for my 19th b-day in the mail! It almost brought me to tears. I was so thankful, so I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all of the Angels for all of their wonderful support, and if i could take pictures I would. Thank you soo, soo much. - PVT Cassandara

[Team Leader Shelle introduces the following note from a soldier: "When I started Ladies of Liberty in my class room 2.5 years ago, one of my grandest students (Megan) took the lead on this project. She has since graduated and been commissioned as an officer.. and is now deployed.  The package she is referring to is Pretty in Pink."]

Thank you sooo much for the care package. The lotion and Chapstick are amazing; the air is so dry here it is unbelievable! The whole package was amazing.  I can use all of it. The BX is all geared around males.  When we were working on Ladies of Liberty I knew it was important, but I have a whole new appreciation for it. Being on this side and waiting for the mail to arrive, and receiving the letters from all the Soldiers' Angels is the highlight of my day. It definitely makes a difference.  I love every single letter I get! It makes being separated from family and friends a lot less heartbreaking. - Megan 

You are indeed the true essence of what our country stands for. You have supported me and my fellow comrades with your wonderful gestures of kindness and words of encouragement. I have no doubt that your support carried not only me, but my entire team through this deployment. With each card or box that arrived it reminded us that the fight we fight is not in vain, that our efforts do not go unnoticed. It is my prayer that you are blessed for all that you do for your military men and women in uniform, for you have truly been a blessing to us. As we head back to our homes and families in the coming weeks you will remain in our heart, thoughts and prayers and forever a part of our military journey. Take care and Thank you. - Kea

I just wanted to send my gratitude to your Ladies of Liberty group for all the wonderful cards in support! They have shown so much support and I am very thankful. Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know I appreciate your support! - Natasha


Our Ladies of Liberty

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